September 13, 2011

Dot Johnson Football Pool 2011

After watching a very intense US Open Men's Final, I switched over to Monday Night Football to support my boys!

But sadly, I report, the Dolphins lost last night.

And against the Patriots of all teams. Ya, they are good. But after living in Mass and hearing about them in every commercial, radio station, news story, paper, etc while trying to support my long run of support towards the Dolphins....I hate the Patriots! It would be comparable to a Yankee having to hear about the Red Sox. (Thank goodness I like the Sox...but I am not a huge baseball follower so I have to relate it to football).

The first half they were hanging on. (With the minor scare of a Jason Taylor injury...thank goodness he's fine!)

The second half went in the crapper.

I turned it off after the 99 yd. interception for a touchdown. Spent.

Not. off. to. a. good. start. GUYS!

That's one of the two teams I ended up with in the Dot Johnson Football Pool at our draft breakfast. The other was the Saints.

I traded Leah the Broncos for the Dolphins. Neither wasn't a bad decision...just yet.

It would just be nice to win the football pool for once...and support my boys while I am at it (I still love you, Reggie).

...and KC's probably got less of a chance than me. Cardinals and Bucs. Sad. For. Him.

Dot Johnson Football Pool Breakfast
(some of us had just worked out...don't judge our appearance)

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