September 18, 2011

If you ain't dirrty, You ain't here to party....

Best. Freakin'. Time. EVER!

Next year, I am dragging all my friends and family to it. So if you are reading, you better expect to be hauled up to Midway next September. But you won't hate me for it. I promise!

Friday night Krick and I were nervous. 100% chance of rain and 48 degrees. I ended up dreaming about the race. And it wasn't good. I don't like being cold. What did I get myself into?

Saturday morning when we got up to Soldier Hollow. Clear skies. Blue. Perrrrfect!

At the race, I had KC's GoPro cam strapped to my wrist. I planned on snapping shots and video throughout the race. But I am an idiot and somehow set the camera to continuous shots. It filled up the cartridge and shut of the camera in about 5 minutes. Barely got anything from the race. 


So we are limited in our photos. Here are the pre-race photos...In our business attire. 

"Should we pay for the hot showers?"
Ya, why not?
(Too bad they ended up not working...what a waste!)
Yes, we ran the entire 10k,  hurdled haystacks, climbed walls,
crawled through tunnels, swam in mud....ALL IN TOP HATS!
Um, Midway is pretty...I've only been there once during
the Olympics for the Biathalon. It was pretty then, but way
cool to see during early fall.
Krick rolling up her sleeves...getting ready to get to business.
Our shadows. Unknowingly taken during continuous shots.

Here are the few shots I got from the race:

The Big Pig Climb.
Doesn't look muddy, but it was really slippery.
And running uphill in the mud was NOT easy.
Awesome views.
Can you make out the hay bails ahead?
So this was the map they gave us.

About every 3/4 mile there was an obstacle. The secret obstacle was a large rope climb. Krick and I are both not fans of heights. But I think the adrenaline of the race was pumping hard enough to get us through it. We climbed. We didn't fall. We made it!

The craziest surprise was on the 10k leg. We came around from a small ditch that was just too far to jump over, so we crossed through. When came out of it we just see the runners in front of us waste deep in the lake ahead of us. Krick and I debated when the lake leg was a quarter mile or full mile. Our thighs got the most intense work out.

The slide was a blast. And then the finish was just the topping on the cake. It was seriously hilarious. I jumped in freely to the mud pit with my top hat in hand. And as I landed from my jump in, my leg sunk into the mud deeper than my knee. I was stuck. We were laughing so hard. I pulled it out and swam across the pit. Then we jumped into the next.

I think it was some of the most fun I have ever had. It was so freeing to just get dirty and play.

This picture really doesn't do it much justice since the water at the end washed of a lot of the mud. But it gives you an idea.
And if that wasn't enough, the shower seen was a story all in itself. Maybe another day.

There is another race next week. If it didn't cost $55, I would go again. But I'll patiently wait for next year. 

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