December 10, 2011

Buzz's Girlfriend Woof

Home Alone is awesome. Just sayin'.

Christmas Movie Marathon and Gingerbread House Making ensued tonight with the Cavanaughs*.
You should definitely try making a gingerbread house with a baker. 
I instantly got more into the entire event. 
I'll say now, This was my best gingerbread house to date.
I am not going to lie.



Hilz's House.
K, Brick out of licorice. Yummiest idea.
Her house was so cheery and bright.
My House.
A tribute to Van Gogh.
Don't ask me why. My creative self just decided that's what it wanted.
I mixed frosting colors and painted the house.
Then used various licorice string for the roof.

Best houses ever.
I had to post this picture, because our roofs were off the hook!

*The husbands didn't participate. Their night consist more of youtube videos and 3DS playing. Typical.

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  1. Wow those are great!! You guys are so talented!