December 30, 2011

Moved by 2011

Warning: This is a recap of my year and goals. I killed it this year, so bragging will ensue. But this is for my records, so I am going to pat myself on the back :)

At the beginning of 2011 I decided to ring in the new year with a word to encompass my goals for the year, rather than a specific resolution. I picked 'move', hence the header across the top of my blog this year.

Definitions of "move":

move (mv)v. moved, mov·ing, moves
1. To change in position from one point to another.
2. To progress in sequence; go forward.
3. To follow a specified course.
4. To progress toward a particular state or condition..
5. To go from one residence or location to another; relocate.
6. To start off.
7. To change posture or position; stir.
8. Games To change the position of a piece in a board game.
9. To be put in motion or to turn according to a prescribed motion.
10. To exhibit great activity or energy.
11. To initiate an action; act..
12. To stir the emotions: words that have the power to move.

I was hoping that this word would move me to move my body more (enough to run my first marathon!). Move my husband and I out of Massachusetts and into a new state or back home. Move me forward in my hobbies and talents. And who know how else this word might  mean to me over the course of 2011.

I really liked having a word to focus on this year. I feel that I achieved more of my goals that centered around moving.

I did end up running and completing my first marathon.

I also ended up running more than I ever have in a year span. In addition to the marathon, I ran 5 other races:

Olesak Half-Marathon (April)

Deseret News Marathon (July)

Midnight 5k (August)
Dirty Dash 10k (September)
Halloween Half-Marathon (October)

Thanksgiving 5k (November)

With training and all, I ended up running nearly 800 miles and 165 hours (That's almost a 7 days of my year were spent COMPLETELY running!).  And to boot, these stats weren't counting the yoga, biking, weight lifting, Zumba, walking, etc. I definitely moved my body in 2011.

And with moving my body, I thought about trying to move my body faster and moving up in my personal rankings. I met my goal for the marathon time (under 5 hours) and I beat my half-marathon PR (went from 2:05 to 1:55...10 minutes is HUGE in the running world!)

KC and I did moved back home. I (and Terri, who deserves a huge THANK...again) drove our belongings across the country and literally moved over 2000 miles. Just thinking back to that exhausts me. But if you've never had the chance to do this, it reminds you how beautiful this country is.

This year, I moved job roles. The department I worked for was closed down and I was moved into another sector of the company. It was a great move. I now get off work on time, don't work holidays or weekends, and it reduced my stress. I also moved back into the office. I definitely miss working from home, but the move allowed me to become more social again and get out of a 600 sq. foot world.

As for hobbies, I had set out to move forward in developing my current hobbies. I feel that this is one area where I set out for a specific goal and I ended up somewhere totally different. At the beginning of this year, I had a craft blog, participated in design teams, and I was hoping to get more involved in the scrapbooking industry. Over the year, I slowly moved away from this. I decided to close my craft blog and not re-apply for the design teams I was on.

I am not sure if that means this is the end of my scrapbooking phase of life. It may be just taking a break. But with moving back, I've had less time to spend on this and have found that the creative energy is being more fulfilled by other hobbies, such as running (believe it or not, this does tap into your right brain). But I also have started to get move involved in sewing, which has been a refreshing and fun move.

I have to say this was one of my favorite years of my life. Between spending a couple days with Krick and Randy in NYC, then going back to the city with Becky, seeing 5 broadway shows, having KC's parents and Patrick visit, KC graduating from Law School, moving home and seeing the country, running and finishing a marathon, beating my half-PR, KC passing the bar and MPRE, spending a ton of time with family, going to Vegas with Hilary and Derek, working fewer hours, and just having the best husband, family, and friends....I definitely feel happiness as we conclude this year. And as corny as it sounds, that could be the best move that was made. 
Becky visited and we went to NYC, Boston, and Rhode Island.
KC graduated from Law School.
Krick and I finished the Deseret News Marathon.
KC, Derek, Hilz, and I went to Vegas.

Happy New Year!


  1. Yay! You're blogging again! I gave up. Any tine ounce of spare time I have this year MUST go into working out...moving! :)
    You have had one incredible year lady. Be proud. Be proud!!!

  2. I've been loving your blog lately and this post here. You totally KILLED it in 2011. Since reading yours, I'm working on a word for me for 2012 too.

    I have no doubt you will accomplish many if not all of your goals you wrote about for 2012. Miss you guys a ton. We hope we can get that skype in soon. :)