January 01, 2012

Delve into 2012

At breakfast this morning, I asked my family what their New Year's resolutions were. I was surprised that no one had given that any thought. My family is pretty awesome, so maybe they don't have anything to work on. But for me, I definitely have some work to do in 2012.

Since last year's "One-Word" resolution went so well, I've decided to continue on with this concept.

Now to pick the word.

I had a few specific goals I wanted to accomplish this year.

1. Cut KC's student loans by half.
2. Keep a cleaner apartment and in general take better care of my material things.
3. Spend smarter. Look for the best deals, don't get caught up in impulsive buys, upcycle rather than buy new, and find alternatives to products that can be replaced by reusable rather than disposable.
4. Complete my first sprint triathlon.
5. Journal/Blog more.

So as I gave thought to what word encompassed my goals, I couldn't think of a common word. I mean I could if I stretched far enough, but nothing seemed to fit right.

So if you can think of a word, I'd appreciate it. But honestly, it doesn't matter. I am excited about my goals and feel confident I can stick to them. They are challenging for me. Some feel nearly impossible (paying down the student loans...ahem) But I am always up for a good challenge.

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