January 02, 2012

[Time Out]

Recently while hanging with Randy and Krick, we watched a clip from Jimmy Fallon where he interviews  Mark-Paul Gosselaar  Zach Morris. Here's the clip:

After laughing histerically, I made the comment that I wanted to watch Saved by the Bell again. So for Christmas Krick gave me a set of DVDs from the show Saved by the Bell.

Today, while being house bound with a cold I cracked open the set of DVDs.

Oh. Man.

It seems like I had flashbacks to sitting at the kitchen counter after school watching these shows on a 10" black and white screen we had on the counter. Hilary and I would make a package of top ramen and dip saltines into the soup while watching Zach, Kelly, Screech, Slater, Jesse, and Lisa.

One of my favorite episodes from back in the days came onto today. You know the one where Mr. Belvedere talks the guys into standing up to their women because they were "MEN!". And then the guys end up trying to make it up to the girls by re-doing their moments of mistake. And Screech dresses as Kelly.

Anyway, such an awesomely fun show. And the perfect way to spend a sick day.

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