January 03, 2012

Letter to Running

Dear running, 

Oh, how I have missed you for the past two months. Sure I've had flings with Zumba, yoga, and biking in order to fulfill the emptiness from not having you in my life. But nothing compares to you, running. 

Still, as we get back together, let me not forget why we went on a "break" after the Halloween half in October:

IT band syndrome.

The pain you left me in left me nearly incapable of walking. Thus, with the advice of many, I decided that it was necessary to separate from you for a time in order to heal.

So for the last 9 weeks, I've massaged the pain and dealt with the heartache of having to step back to evaluate our relationship. But nonetheless, you are like the bad boy to a good girl, I'll keep coming back even though you caused me pain.

However, I promise this time around that I am going to work harder to improve our relationship and avoid rebounding into that low state. I promise to use my foam roller before and after every run, to ramp up to my distance and pace slowly, to stop when any pain starts, to ice after running, to replace my shoes when necessary, to wear my knee brace, and to not push further than I should.

Walk/Jog ramp up; First run back.
So as I've made my promises, will you promise me this? To keep me injury free and help me excel in my fitness goals for this year. 

I love you, running. It's good to have you back.



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  1. Running must be a Runlygamous person because I, too, am deeply in love and committed to my relationship with running. I, too, had to step away and felt such a void. My pants tightened in response. But I, too, am back, ready to train for the SL Half Marathon. My schedule? Gyn at 6 am to be to work by 8 am. Yes, running, you give me the lift I need each, the purpose and the focus. Thank you for all you've given me. Love you too, BB