January 04, 2012

I Dare Ya

I was about to email my mom a running schedule plan for our half-marathon training. [Yep, my Mom runs half-marathons...in fact this will be her 4th! She rocks!] She is always calling me to ask what she should be running (distance), so I thought I would just send her a copy of my calendar.

 But then I thought:

"Hey! I bet there are others that are on the brink of wanting to achieve something more with their fitness. Maybe, just maybe, I can encourage others to run a half-marathon this year!" 

Wink. Wink. 

I am talking to you

So here is the deal. Krick, my mom, and I are running the Salt Lake Half-Marathon (if it happens). And I want to dare you to run it, too!

The race is April 21st.

Here is the race info site: http://www.saltlakecitymarathon.com/ 

Any takers???? 

No? What are you...chicken

Come on...do it!

To help you out, here is the beginner training program I used for my first half-marathon:


Training according to that program wouldn't officially start until the last week of this month. That gives you a couple weeks to warm up to the idea and get up to a 3 mile run distance...which ANYONE can do! [I had a fitness instructor that used to say "ANYONE can do this" at any difficult interval of training...I hated it...but it worked. Is it sad I am trying to pull that on you, now?]

But if you are up to it here is my training plan [The one my mom is getting...if she can do it, you can too. Better yet, if I can do it, so can you].

It's one step up from the beginner training. [Hey, don't laugh, I'm taking this race easy..but they say, "No Matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch".]

I hear this is supposed to be a great race...very flat. Plus the medals the past two years have been sweet!

Then again, if you aren't going to join us, then I'll expect it's because you are running the Marathon that day [insert sly smile here] -V


  1. I second Vieve. I've run this race twice and it's amazing. The weather is perfect. It's flat. The goodies at the end of the race are great. And the medal is awesome! And the medal is why you run the race, right Vieve?