January 06, 2012

Past and Present

Sitting here at my desk right now, I feel so far from Massachusetts. It's amazing how you can have this whole life and then all of a sudden you are no longer around people that you became friends with, restaurants you used to go to, and all the small things that became the norm of life are now gone. And what's weirder is that it keeps moving on without you.

My hairstylist and friend from back east is getting married tomorrow. With her originally being from Utah, they held their reception tonight in town. Her sister was in KC's law school. In fact, she was on his moot court team; who we traveled to St. Louis with for their competition. We called her KC's law-school wife. I was okay with that...if there is anyone I'd want him hanging around, it's her. She is amazing. So our friend, KC's law-school wife, her husband, and two kids were all at the reception (all of which we love and will call them friends for life).
KC, Laura, Imran, and Dean Childs (The Moot Court Team)
Me and Laura in St. Louis
KC and Bryce (Laura's husband) at the Basketball Hall of Fame Induction
Laura and KC at graduation.
For a couple hours this evening, we stepped out of Utah and back into Mass. We shared stories about their classmates, the damage left from the tornado, caught up on news around town, and reminisced. I felt like I should have walked out the door and drove back to our beautiful old apartment in downtown Springfield. All night I had images of various streets, buildings, houses, etc as vivid as if I had been visiting them at that very moment.

People ask me all the time if I like being back in Utah. I love it. I love being around my family and Utah friends. I love having a running partner all the time. I love feeling more secure in my job. It's nice to have somewhere to go for the holidays and to not miss birthdays or other events. It's nice having our support system so close by and we love being there for them, too.

But I miss my life in Mass, greatly. I wish I wouldn't have complained so much about it at the time. It was very lonely at times. But overall, it was a great experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I hope to never grow far from that life and hope to keep in touch with the people that made that experience great.

I <3 MA,



  1. I feel so similarly about New Orleans. I miss it so much sometimes and wonder if I made the right decision about moving back. At the same time, I absolutely love living here again, too. I'm glad you got to relive your time in MA, if only for a little bit. :)

  2. It's funny how places you live will always stay with you. I still have a place in my heart for Alaska and France...and from time to time I just ACHE to be there again. I'm glad you guys got to have such an amazing adventure. It will be with you forever!