February 15, 2012

Like I Love You

[Justin Timberlake]

I have so much to say today. Do I go with the Valentine's Day recap? The year long procrastination that was finally finished? Triathlons? Smart Saver tips? Magazines? My education plans? Or the other 10 things on my mind?

Let's go with Valentine's...because if I don't do it today, I'll forget. And my man needs some props.

In the 8 Valentine's Days, I've been with Kase I've been happy as the day has come and gone. It really comes down to not having expectations. And NOT going out to eat! What a mad-house that is. Done that once, never again.

So every year we make a 'unique' [for us] meal and spend some "quality" time together. [If you get my drift.]

We have done presents in the past. Most years it's usually a card or something small.

This year we decided to make fondue, since I missed out on the family fondue on Christmas Eve.

I found Melting Pot copycat recipes for the meat broth, cheese, and chocolate.

The meat broth ended up being extremely aromatic. So much that we couldn't even enjoy the food. We ended up moving it into the kitchen...away from us. And just throwing in the meat to cook on it's own.

Speaking of the meat. I am not a seafood person. I like canned tuna fish and salmon. That's it. Kase, on the other hand, likes shrimp, so I decided to pick some up from the butcher. I brought my sister [who does eat shrimp] and we asked the butcher which kind of shrimp to get. I left feeling like I was finally an adult by buying seafood. [Such a nerd.] 

As Kase cooked his first shrimp, he said "Do these still have the legs?". Sure enough they did. [Cringe]. I was totally grossed out. But, Kase being a real-man [Ha!] just decided to cut off the legs at eat the shrimp anyway.

The cheese was good, it called for emmental Swiss, sharp cheddar, and beer. Thinking the beer would cook out, we decided to go for it on the recipe. I don't know if the alcohol cooked out or not, but the beer taste definitely did not. So we were 0 for 2. [Sadly, I had some Velveeta in the fridge from the superbowl, so we heated that up and used it as our "cheese"....point here, if you are a food connoisseur I apologize for liking velveeta more that what was probably a really good cheese fondue. If you are germ phobia, I apologize for using 2 week old food. And if are a health-nut, I apologize for using a "cheese food" product.]

Luckily, we were still okay, because all the things we were dipping in were really good. But honestly, the chocolate saved the day. De-lish!

But the real award goes to Kase for a very unexpected and incredibly thoughtful gift.

If you know Kase's gift giving history.

1. He never wraps anything. EVER!

2. He usually pushes that we shop for ourselves within a budget rather than give gifts.

3. Most gifts he gives are electronics. And usually a video game. Which I like. But, something girly would be nice once in a while.

4. He's only given me jewelry as a gift once. My wedding ring.

Kase is a gem, don't get me wrong. But, gift giving is not his strong point.

Second reason for surprise, my love obsession for running in Kase's eyes is not his favorite thing; rather inconvenient. We don't see eye to eye on it.

So when I opened this necklace. I seriously was in shock. Jewelry! Running jewelry! 

I think I am going to wear it forever.

And to boot, he gave the necklace with a year subscription to Runner's World and Triathlete Magazine.

He did well.

I think he's realizing that running is what makes me actually function. Without it, he'd have a crazy, unbearable wife. One he'd not want to spend Valentine's Day with.

I got him tickets to the Neil Diamond concert. [Which I won't be attending...not. a. fan. of. the. diamond....unless you are talking Dustin or Mike..or the obvious rock. I told him he can take someone else...unless, he really wants me to go. He was fine with someone else.]

[I got the better present.]

For you athletes, would you enjoy receiving a sport's related present? 

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  1. Wow-Impressive KC!!! I LOVE the necklace. That was so sweet. And I have been a jerk and haven't checked your blog in a while..I freaking love it! The new look is awesome and I LOVE the totals on the right side. VERY cool! You are inspiring!