February 19, 2012

Week #7 In Review

With finding out the great news about the Spudman triathlon, it was time to change up my workout routine and use my cross-training days to get some swimming and cycling in. 

Without owning an athletic swimsuit, I opted to lose my weekly Zumba class and take on a Cycling class this week. I called Krick and she joined me. The last spinning class I took was probably 4-5 years ago. After that class, I wasn't able to move for a week...no joke. I was fearful of repeating this painful week. My legs were on fire during class and it was uncomfortable, but I loved it. I loved even more that I wasn't sore at all the following day. I take that back, my sit bones were incredibly sore, possibly bruised. But, that was fixable...I just needed to buy bike short. The thing to focus on was that I was capable of biking 17.5 miles competitively (the race is 26 miles) without any issue. I have no fear of the biking portion now.

Also as a result of the class, the instructor took a special interest in Krick and I and informed us of some proper bike setup, form, and let us in on a secret....take the Master's swimming class at the gym. Especially since I am an extreme novice in the swimming department.

I purchased both bike shorts and an athletic swimsuit today. I plan on returning to cycling this week and attending the Master's class. I think combined, I'll be able to rock the tri. Getting very excited!

I am so mad. I forgot my Nike+ watch.
So my totals on Nike+ are now off.
Why do I have to be so OCD?
But seriously, all year, I am going to have to
add this stupid 3 miles to my total count.
(Weight training: Arms+Back)

1 hour Cycling Class
Loved every minute.
Such an AWESOME change of pace.
Plus the instructor is H-O-T.

4.2 mile run/Fartleks
Weight Training: Butt + Abs

6 mile run outside run with Krick and my mom.
Good to have my mom back!
We did a 4 mile loop and ran back and forth to my mom.
Our pace was slower this week.
I can't find my iPod shuffle...sucks.
I hate running outside without it.
3 mile run w/hill repeats.
Weight training: Arms + Back
What is your strength sport? weak sport?

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