February 21, 2012

Money Maker


He went from this...

KC's First Day of Law School
Massachusetts, August 2008
To this...

1L Fall Finals
Massachusetts,  December 2008

To this...

Moot Court Competition
Cincinnati,  April 2010

To this...

Law School Graduation
Massachusetts, May 2011

To this...

Letter informing of Bar passage
Salt Lake City, September 2011

And as of 10am today...

Meet Attorney KC Garner

State and Federal swearing in ceremonies
Salt Lake City, February 2012

And by 2pm he was making money...

Yep, KC is now a gainfully employed attorney. So if you need a bankruptcy lawyer, give him a call ;)

My co-worker asked me how long we've been on this journey. KC started studying for the LSAT in 2007. It has been an amazing experience to be by his side during this process. There have been some challenges, but overall it has been a positive experience. KC has matured so much and is going to be an amazing attorney. I am so proud of him today. I love you, Kase. Thank you for showing us all how to go get your dreams.


  1. Yay for KC! That is seriously so awesome. Congrats and good luck! :)

  2. I know this dude (via Denny's at 11 in the PM.) He is way good guy.