February 26, 2012

Week #8 In Review

Setting today aside (because I was partying until 7am; thus skipped my workout), I worked out hard this week. Every minute of time at the gym was planned, intense, and felt good.

I took my first swim class and I continued with my weekly cycling class in prep for full Tri training starting in April.

With the triathlon in my mind, it's hard not to make it a priority. But my focus remains on the half-marathon in April. The Salt Lake Marathon emailed this week confirming the race is ON! I'll be registering probably this week.

Also, I've been changing my weight training sessions to center around specific muscles that I use during running, swimming, and biking. Which you think would be everything...it's close. But like I mentioned this week, I'm not wasting time in the gym any longer. Focused training is the only way here on out.

Lastly, let's talk about Saturday's run. The winds were 20mph+ and we were running straight against them. I was wiped out the rest of the day. One of the harder runs of my running career. I would rather run in rain or snow. Wind is not my friend. But nonetheless, we made it through.

3 mile run/ Hill Repeats
Grade 1-8%
Weight Training: Arms
+ 1 hour yoga session

4 mile run/ Hill Repeats
Grade 1-8%
Weight Training: Legs
1 hour Cycling Class
1 hour Master's Swim Class
1300 meters 
7 mile run outside with Krick
20 mph+ wind
What are the worst weather conditions you've worked out in?

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