February 27, 2012

Time of My Life (The Dirty Bit)

[Black-Eyed Peas]

In my opinion, there are two "crazes" in running right now:

Barefoot running
Dirt/Obstacle course races

I have yet to try barefoot running, but plan to do some of that after the triathlon season is over. It seems like it might be a"granola trend" that I am not quite sure about yet.

As for the obstacle course races. It makes complete sense to me why: These. Races. Have. BLOWN. UP.

They are a B-L-A-S-T! Seriously. A blast.

And though they are a "craze" I think they'll actually stick around when people realize how freakin' awesome they are.

Now, it's probably a given, you think, I think all races are a trip to Disneyland... well, because frankly I'm a nut job. But seriously, trust me on this one. They exceed the "fun factor" of other races by 10 billion percent [that's a lot of percent]...which means it's a high-time, out-of-this world, sidesplitting fun event. Even for non-runners.

This year, I've been reviewing my options for obstacle course races. There are a TON being publicized right now. But, when it comes down to it, the Dirty Dash is still the most intriguing on the list.

Maybe it's because I ran this race last September, so I might be bias [just read how much fun I had, here]. Maybe it's because I look forward to their email blasts [They are killer hilarious]. But I had such a ball that I've opt-ed to run both the spring and fall Dirty Dashes being held in Utah this year.

But, if you are still skeptical, watch this video for yourself. You be the judge:

Now tell me you don't want to do this race. I. Dare. Ya.

My shirt from the 2011 race
If you said no, I'll still try to convince you....because you should. You really, really should.

For example, one reason you should, they have the best t-shirts? They do. In fact, it's the ONLY race shirt I'll actually wear as regular attire. Not even my Marathon shirt gets worn.  And that's got to say something.

And you get their killer, pee-my-pants, hilarious email blasts that I mentioned before [I actually get excited when I see one in my inbox, I think they are THAT funny].

But read this and try not to chuckle:

Between the slip and slide, mud pits, uncomfortable reminder of blind dating, and the perfect race shirt...the registration fee is totally worth it!

Okay, so now the real message here is this: I've found out my running partner (aka - Krick) can't make the Spring race. I am doing it. My friends and family have been well warned, I am dragging your butts to this race. You can kick and scream, but you'll thank me after. So family and friends (you know who you are), just go ahead and sign up here. The rest of you, who's in?

Dirty Dash Fall 2011
Midway, UT
[This post was sponsored by the Dirty Dash, but it's 100% my true honest opinion. To Register for the Dirty Dash, go here. No joke, you'll have the time of your life.]

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