February 28, 2012

Sorry for Party Rocking


Let's take another look at the first line of this post. Wait...did I really do that?

Yes. I'm almost 28.

And party I did.

Unfortunately Fortunately there weren't any pictures taken. I am sure staying up through the night, running around Wendover, didn't do anything good for my appearance. But it did good for my pockets.

Let's. Rewind.

Saturday, KC took off for a guys weekend in Lava Hot Springs with his soccer team. So I was flyin' solo.

I had my cousin's daughter's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese:


This little girl is a princess. Seriously, you've never seen a 5 year old get so excited about clothing/shoes. In fact, they can't put her in "time out". It does nothing. Rather, they put her boots/shoes in "time out". She then behaves.

Girly girl. Down to the manicure. [Yep, she gets manicures....her nails look better than mine, which isn't saying much. But, she's freakin' adorable.]

Any who, as the party was concluding, my cousins informed me they were going to Wendover for the night.

Before I knew it, I was in the back seat of my cousin's rental car driving west.

Totally spur of the moment. I had no clothes, makeup, toothbrush for the next day. All I had was my purse and a pair of PJs my cousin loaned me. Little did we know, I wouldn't really have much of a need for the PJs.

I don't know how to explain much of the rest of the night. Too much to relay. Too much insanity.

[Let me point out this was the cousin that visited me last year in MA and the trip resulted in a pierced nose...you getting the idea....LOVE this cousin....LOVE HER!]

Becky and I at Fenway
April 2011
Well, basically, I am writing this post to explain this 1 highlight of the evening. Let me set the stage. There were five us on the trip. Me, Becky, Leah, Jess (Leah's GF), and my aunt Vicki. Vicki took off on her own to hit the slots. Meanwhile, B, L, J, and I went over to the Nugget casino that was having an anniversary party.

As we are gambling, things are just getting crazier and funnier as the night progresses. Around 3am, we see 4 slot machines together and decide we are all going to take the machines. [Note the place was packed. It was hard to find a single machine. These 4 were a gold mine.]

We sit down at the machines and bam!...J hits a $93.00 spin.

Hi-5s all around.

Then things on the machines get slow and so we decide to rotate machines. E'rebody to the right!

L gets a big spin.  $60 or so.

We rotate machines again.

B gets a big spin.

We rotate machines again.

By now, people are stopping by our machines to see what's up. We were making some noise [To lightly put it].

I am now at some Alien machine with L to my right. She jokingly says, "I'm going to do 'Max Bet'". I say..."Well, then, I AM GOING TO DO MAX BET!!".  We agree to it. We count down, "1-2-3, max bet!"


I seriously hit a bonus round on a max bet....no joke.

We were freakin' out!

More people start gather. I've now got a crowd of people watching the free spins rack up the dollars.

K, so I ended up not winning nearly as much as it sounded like I was. The bonus round totaled to $128. But, it was the biggest spin of the night for our group.

As we went on, we were on a roll. We probably sat at those machines for an hour and with every rotation of machines, someone was getting a big win.

Probably. Will. NEVER. Happen. Again.

But the night continued that way.

I hit another $100 spin later that night (aka - early that morning). This time we took a pic:

When we realized it was 5:30am, we stopped at the casino cafe for breakfast. What happened at that table, stays at that table...right, girls? Haha.

Anyway, most fun I've ever had in a casino.

Becky and I danced. We ran around...winning. And just laughed all night long.

We finally crashed at 7am, slept 'til noon, and then drove home.

I left 'up' by $140. The only time I've left a casino winning.

It just doesn't happen.

But the moral of this story. I have THE coolest cousins (and aunt). Go ahead, be jealous.

Thanks girls, for a party rocking good time.

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