March 01, 2012

Gives You Hell

[All American Rejects]

Picture me driving a Penske truck across the United States from Springfield, MA to Sandy, UT. Swimming is about the same oddity.

I use this analogy because when I drove that truck I had a new found respect for truck drivers.

And with this new venture in triathlon-ing I have a new found respect for swimmers. Wowzers, this is hard!

Masters swim was tonight. 

I remembered at 6:20 that my goggles suck. Last week they kept filling with water. So I sped over to Sports Authority and picked up the pretties at the top of this post. [Why are goggles so uncomfortable?]

I was about 5 minutes late to class. There was no one in the Master's lanes. Hmm...

So it was just Randy and I in the class. Which. I. Liked. So much more chill and easier to focus.

This week's workout:

1x10x50's - Odd: Easy; Even: Drills
3x's 100 3 stroke breathes
100 5 stroke breathes

Set 1=30 second break
Set 2=15 second break
Set 3=5 Second brak
2x's100 Fast
100 Easy

It was a good workout. I felt much stronger this week and was noticing the tips they were giving me already starting to get engrained and put to use.

Couple things I learned this week:

-Hold your breath for strokes 1 and 2, then let out the breath right before you come up for air on stroke 3. It helps you not get water in your mouth and you get a deeper breath in as you come up for air.

-You should always have an arm extended out in front of you. You should always be chasing that arm. This helps keep you up on top of the water and build momentum.

-5 stroke breaths are awesome! You would think it would be harder, but it really helped me not worry about breathing and I found that I stop kicking when I take a breath, so with 3 stroke breaths I am constantly having to push myself back up and's exhausting. With 5 stroke breaths I didn't have to do this as often, plus the coach said it will build my lungs to do 5 stroke breaths. Sweet!

Lastly, this:

See that ice pack. Holy...freakin...cow. Worst cramp of my life right in the middle of the 2nd set of the workout. Randy and I were totally laughing. But, seriously, it was so painful. It was a charley horse times 20. The lifeguard looked at me like, "Should I do something? Is she okay?" I seriously didn't know what had happened. It still hurts. I hope I can run my 8 on Saturday.

But, according to coach,  I guess it's another fault from running...I use my calves too much to kick...kick from the hip, Vieve, kick from the hip.

Well, let's add this to get my reward for this painfully hard swim. [I hope it gets easier]

What's the hardest thing you've had to learn/train for?

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