February 12, 2012

Week in Review #6

I'm feeling down today. I had a great week of speed training, but when I weighed myself today I had gained 2 lbs last week. I've lost 13 lbs since October, putting me back to pre-marathon-trainin weight, and some. I swore that I would keep it off this round of training And in fact, I've been trying to go for another 5, just to be at the number I feel most comfortable at.

I ate mostly healthy, but yet, I still gained. Such a disappointment. My measurements didn't increase, so I know that this could very well be due to water retention or fat to muscle replacement. Plus, my calorie intake and nutrient stats were at a good place. Still, don't you hate getting on the scale and seeing a higher number than what you expected? Especially after giving so much...

Makes you want to just buy some cinnamon gummy hearts [my fav!] from the Valentine's section and eat the whole bag while watching 500 days of Summer. But I've resisted.

Still, this is why the weekly recaps are good. It helps remind you that you've done the work you need. And that you just have to keep going forward and pushing further. I re-evaluated my calories spent and decided that the attempt to lose weight could have actually been hurting my training. I think my body is holding onto more water and nutrients because the calorie intake is too low. I am backing off from trying to lose the weight so quickly and focus more on what my body needs in terms of fueling.

This next week will be telling.

3.25m run/Fartleks
20 minutes weight training. Focus: Buns & Thighs
1 hour Zumba Class
3.63m run/Fartleks
15 minutes weight training. Focus: Arms & Back 
5m run with Krick. Outside (overcast).
Flat terrain.
Felt awesome!

3.7m run/Fartleks
10 minutes weight training. Focus: Legs
Yearly mileage goal....just shy of 75 miles. 625 more to go...

News regarding the SLC Marathon/Half-Marathon is that a new company has bought it out. They have until Monday to pay for the permit. If they don't it won't be happening. Let's cross our fingers they pay. Otherwise, we'll be finding a different race.

Also, Krick, Randy, and I find out if we got into the Spudman Tri on Wednesday. Wish us good luck!

How did your week go? How do you handle setbacks?

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