February 07, 2012

This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race

[Fall Out Boy]

Today seems like a good day for some randomness. So here we go...

1. Today I said to a co-worker [after making an idiotic mistake], "Sometimes I hate being me." That's something my mom says. Oh no...is it downhill from here? 

2. I was supposed to have a brilliant idea in the show, per the fortune cookie here:

...it didn't happen. But, I did have a great idea come to me while running. Makes sense. I don't think so much in the shower. I think a TON during a run. It's were I get my best ideas. And I think I will act on this one.

3. Madonna vs. Lady Gaga....GO! ....no contest, Madonna! [and I love Lady Gaga]

4. Note to self: Sports that the best woman athlete could win against the best man athlete.
  • Curling
  • Archery
5. I am addicted to avocados right now.

6. My brother is living in El Salvador right now. And his favorite food is Papusas. I had two this weekend (one revuelta and the other frijos y queso):

Surprisingly...Very good. Super filling. And super cheap. [And we didn't get shot, despite Krick's greatest fear...thus causing her to switch her shirt. You can't die in a hoodie. You've got to look good.]

7. I hate athletic swimwear. (1) swimmers have NO boobs (2) What's the deal with the backs? (3) Can I get me some kind of design that doesn't look like it's being reflected off a disco ball?

8. I'm thinking of cutting my hair short. But I'm sure I'll wimp out, once again...help me decide....

Favorite Option. Gutsy.
Next favorite. Love the coloring. Might just do this with my long hair.
Safe option. Still really cute.

Reason for cutting hair...I don't want to try and cram these long locks in a swim cap. It will end up looking like Marge Simpson. Or just be a hassle.

9. If I could only share 1/3 of the last half hour's conversations in our apartment. You'd be disgusted.

10.  Counting down the days to my NYC trip. [And getting to see Ricky Martin in person....yum...]


  1. I love the new banner. It took me a few seconds to figure it out. Ps I went back to the grocery store and bought more avocados. I'm addicted too. And I like the second hairdo (the one with the red stripe). AND did you see Ricky Martin on Glee. Hot-hot-hot.

  2. Genevieve, I always happen onto your blog now and again when you post to your facebook wall and usually end up reading at least a few of your posts. I always enjoy your thoughts. When are you coming to NYC? You are a reason this travel snob might make the trip for. :-)