February 05, 2012

Week in Review #5

Wow, I ate a ton of food at our superbowl party...this week I am going to have to put in some seriously hard work to burn it off...but wowzers, the food was good great.

With this past week I can now say the training season has official begun. 1 week down, 11 more to go until my first half of the year. Still no word on if the SLC Marathon/Half-Marathon is even really happening, but I am training like it is.

Now that I've been looking at each week, it's interesting to see my improvement. Almost every run this week was improved by 3 sec per mile. Odd. Interesting. Cool by me.

Started the week with a good X-Stretch Session.
Set a 5k course on the treadmill.
Incline from 1% to 3.5%
Weight training focus: Arms

1 hour Zumba Class
(Without Hilz..[sad face])
Hill Repeats. Incline 1.5% to 7%
Last mile only 1.5% grade and faster pace.
Weight training focus: Legs

Outside run with Krick.
Good pacing again.
Running outside is harder for me mentally.
But I always get a better time. Huh?
Last April I purchased my Nike+ watch. Since then my 1 Mi and 5k paces have been stuck a 8'50'' and 27'15''. Saturdays run changed that! (These aren't my PR's, but they are my recorded best!)

 Right on!

Random hill course. Ranging from 1-3.5% grade.
Weight lifting focus: Arms
How was your week? Are you training for anything?

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