March 09, 2012


[Mandy Moore]

If you don't watch Jersey Shore. Ahem...neither do I. Don't know why I mentioned it. Guess, I just wanted to.......uhhhhh.......make it clear. PS - Just skip the next paragraph, it's some needless, boring rambling. Nothing you need to read.

[Don't Read]

If you DO watch Jersey Shore. [Fist Bump], [Jersey Turnpike]. Thanks for stopping by between some quality G.T.L or smushing. Okay, come on you have to love Jersey Shore lingo, right? But nothing is as good as "meatball problems" (hysterical!). I love the meatballs. I love Jersey Shore. embarrassing.

[Read on...]

The phrase 'First World Problems' is new to me. My sister said it a couple months ago and it totally shocked me into a shallow laughter. Horrible.

So I am experiencing a 'First World Problem'. [Again, so horrible!]

I sold my iPad.

--It's gone.--

It's been almost 36 hours since I restored, polished, and placed it back in the box for the new owner.

Good news. Sold it for the asking price.

Bad news. Sold it quicker than I expected. [Lucky person problem?]

My fear [noted at the bottom of this post] came true.

I ordered the new iPAD. But it doesn't arrive until March 16th. [GASP!]...[MAJOR --21st Century-- FIRST WORLD PROBLEM]

Last year I went 1 week without.

This time, I have to go 9 days!

Hurry, help me. I surrender. Admit me to the psych ward now. Lest I slit my wrists in agony. [K, that's not funny...seriously]

I have some issues. The worst, obviously, not the withdrawals from the loss of my iPad. Maybe I should use this week to ponder and re-evaluate my political incorrectness and insensitivity to others.
[Deep breath]

Geez...that went haywire. I apologize.

Now where's my iPod touch?

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