March 10, 2012

Drop It On Me

[Ricky Martin]

Looking down at the bottom of the pool as I swam laps Thursday night, I thought, "Still don't know how I am going to swim 1500m consecutively."

But then entered Kathleen and her husband. Two trainers at the gym who have done and are doing Spudman. [Also part of the Triology Triathlon Club, which I totally need to join.]

Saving grace.

Seriously, they gave us the full run down on the race and what we need to know. Like how hard it is to get a wetsuit off...

...And...whhhaahahat? They said that you have to camp? There aren't hotels? Idaho... Bleh...

But most important information I got from them:
"You can float the 1500m in 20 minutes. The swim is the easiest part."

Doesn't mean I am going to give up on my focused swim training. I. Love. Master's. Swim.

In fact, I think I like it more than cycling. [But, not more than running...let's make that clear.]

Coach A is awesome. [So is Coach O, but he wasn't there Thursday night.]

I thought it was interesting that Coach A had only one tip she stressed with me during this last class. Rather than a new tip every time I got back from a lap, like the first two sessions. Her tip:
  • Rest your head on your extended arm as you come up for air. This will help you not sink as you take a breath...which is something I told her I am having a hard time with.
Other than that, I only got word that my form was improving nicely. [ Insert T.J. Detweiler cheer]

Here was our workout:
4x50 - Swim
3x50 - Drills
2x50 - Kicks
1x50 - Build
2x50 - Fast
3x50 - Swim
1x50 - All Out
4x's 150 - Slow
50 - Fast

We only ended up swimming 1200m, rather than the past 2 weeks when we swam 1300m. However, I felt that I focused more on my form and improving rather than distance. Which is what I need right now.

PS - No leg cramps this week. So that was a success. [Although, I could feel my calves getting tired and I definitely got close a couple times. Still I didn't go there and that was good.]

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  1. Hey we did an extra 50m at the end for kicks and giggles. You didn't include that in the total. :)