March 06, 2012

Bleed 2 Feed

[CC Adcock & The Lafayette Marquis]

Our neighbor back in Mass once said to me that I was a "machine". This was as I hung up my head set from work, served dinner, and then headed up to the gym for a quick run. It was a total compliment. 

I am prideful of a busy lifestyle. To me it means I am going somewhere in life. The times I've been least happy were when I was at a standstill. 

Right now, I am no where in a standstill. I work full time (as the breadwinner). I take care of all the bills, grocery shopping, cleaning (sometimes), cooking, etc. I train and participate in endurace sports.  And yet find some (not enough) time for my husband, family, and if you are lucky... my friends. 

I like it that way.

Anywho....Did you catch that word "cooking" mixed in there somewhere?
Running clothes with an apron. So Fashionable.
Don't worry, I don't salt our food, I just use sweat.
[That's gross...I don't do that.]
I have THE pickiest eater for a husband. There is only one person who compares...[cough] Crystal.

So it's a daily challenge to find something healthy, quick, AND fits in the limited likings of my wonderful, yet difficult to feed, man.

One of my favorite go-to meals, is what my mom liked to call a "Big Sandwich".

"Big Sandwich" with apple slices
It's THIS easy:

You take a loaf of wheat french bread. Then slice it like a hoagie. Now just make a sandwhich. I always get some special sandwich toppings to make it different than the daily lunch sandwich (ie - sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, bell peppers, etc). Once the sandwich is made, just slice it into 6-8 servings.

It funny how just changing the bread and toppings makes this an exciting meal. Plus, the sandwich saves well for lunch the next day.

You can get creative with this, too. For example, we've made BBQ chicken sandwiches, Bacon Chicken Ranch sandwiches, Clubs, BLTs, etc. [those obviously weren't as healthy, but you get the point].

Also, if you want you can use this recipe to make your own Wheat French Bread [you know 'cause I am trying to save money spend smarter]. I made this recipe last night. Delicious!

What are your quick and healthy go-to meals?


  1. Isn't fresh homemade bread the best? I just made a loaf of whole wheat bread last night, I hardly ever buy store bought bread anymore.

  2. Anything with pickles. ;)

    ok, ok, my go to's for meals like a "machine". Freaking love that.

    Taco salad - hello white trash but I love it.

    BBBLT's - ya, lots o'bacon
    Omelets - not sure I spelled that right

    And these fabulous chicken burgers from Costco - amazing [150 cal] taste like buttery heaven.