March 05, 2012

Brown Eyes

[Lady Gaga]
Let's get this post over with.

I didn't wimp out. 

Believe me, I wanted to cut my hair short.

But the hubs, family, and friends all told me NOT to do it.

They knew I'd regret it. 

So I didn't.

Maybe someday.

But I did go much darker.

Which I prefer. 

My eyes usually take on the color of brown my hair is.

I like it when they're dark.

Note: There aren't any color effects on this photo.
You are seeing the actual coloring.

So can I pull off the red? What's the craziest hair color you've done?


  1. Yes, you could so be a red head.
    honestly, love the photo, the hair color as is.

  2. I love your dark hair with the red. As an ex-hair dresser and employe of Loreal Profesional for ten years I have been every color of the rainbow... but I do not do light colors very well.
    PS. My daughter was seconds away from being named Genevieve my husband wanted Corbin Rose at the last second.

  3. Yes you can do red! Red is my fave colour to do but I find it fades too quickly so it always needs to be recoloured.