March 30, 2012

Rolling in the Deep

100 - Warm-up
50 - Easy
50 - Drill
50 - Kicks
50 - Slow
50 - Build
25 - Underwater
25 - Easy
25 - Overkicks
25 - Easy

This was the Master's Class workout last night. And we killed it!

Okay, that might be an exaggeration...

We did well.

1600m again this week. This time in 1 hour 5 min, rather than 1 hour 10 min. [Cheers!]

We tried to move up from taking breaks every 25m to every 50m. It was tough and I was exhausted by the  end. Yet, SOOOoooo rewarding to know that I did it.

You've got to get uncomfortable. That's when you improve. And I am spending a lot of time being uncomfortable right now.


PS - Got a great swim tutorial site for you to check Check it out here. This tutorial is similar to the drills we did last night. Still learning how to roll into a swim. I'll get there.

Where do you go online to learn new fitness routines? techniques?

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