March 31, 2012

The Way I Are



I don't usually post on Saturdays. It's my long run, errand, and hanging day. But, it's the last day of March and if I post today, then I'll have 17 posts and a record for one month.

I like beating personal records.

So time for some randomness. Get ready. You know as much as I do where this is going.

Did you know that most road bikes cost more than my car? Ya...

...And I look really nerdy in a bike helmet.

I may be purchasing this bike tomorrow:

It's a used bike that belonged to my co-worker's grandma. Neither of my grandmas would have ever ridden a bike this cool. I am taking it for a test ride tomorrow. I really, really hope it works out.

I have a headache right now. I didn't drink enough water after my run [bad].

It's probably safe to say my March running mileage is in.

What? I would have only needed to run .32 miles to break 80 miles for the month. Shoot me. Aye, papi! Maybe I need to go for a jog around the block. OH WAIT! My long run last week had 3/4 miles unlogged because I paused my watch and forgot to turn it back on for that distance.

Boo-yah! Totally broke 80 miles for the month!!!

Got my new iPad cover. Beauty, right?
NYC Grid w/ a nod to Triathlons
I found the map, changed the colors, & added the symbols.
My own custom cover :)
Speaking of NYC. One Month. Can't. Come. Fast. Enough.

I have a crush on Paul Rudd.

LOVED. loved. LOVED. Hunger Games. So glad it didn't go bad like the twilight series. Those totally ruined the book. And I have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence.

I think it's time to grow out my bangs. Kind of getting tired of clipping them back during my workouts, which are getting more often and longer. I like them, but they just aren't practical right now.

Easter has got to be the lamest holiday. Can we move onto my birthday already? [I just want some carrot cake cheesecake...drool].

I love this April's Runner's World. Good stuff.

Speaking of weight-loss, tomorrow is the semi-annual homemade donuts day. Hooray! Perk for living close to mom.

I went on a 6 mile run with the Triology club today. Tough group. We were pacing 8 minute miles for a while. Impressed by the quality of athletes. I have a feeling they are going to make me better whether I want it or not.

Does this count. Is my post complete?

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