March 18, 2012

Week #11 in Review

I felt like I made some good improvements this week. The first of which was decreasing my 1 mile recorded run time on nike+:

Previous records

New records
Giving time to intense and dedicated cross training has really improved my running and this is proof. I feel so much stronger and can push myself harder now that I am working my body in multiple ways. I am loving it. 

The second stride was during my Master swim class on Thursday. I was able to push to 1350 meters during the hour class. My breaks between each length of the pool are getting much shorter and it's allowing me to swim further. I felt really good during this class.

The only downfall to this week, was the lack of my iPad which contains my food journal. I definitely didn't eat as nutritionally as I should have this week, but I also didn't completely fall back into a completely junky diet, so it wasn't a complete loss. But I look forward to having that journal and reporting back for this coming week, which is going to be a tough one.

5 mile pace run
Weight training: Legs
1 Hour Cycling Class
3 miles with speed drills
Weight training: Full Body Tri Circuit
1 Hour Master's Swim Class
Recovery week - 3 mile run
Weight training: Full Body Tri Circuit 
20 minutes on the Elliptical Trainer
1mile run
What cross training activities do you do? Do you find they strengthen your main activity?

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