April 05, 2012


[Gnarls Barkley]

In words: Two thousand eight hundred seventy nine dollars and sixty nine cents.

In number: $2,879.69

In other speak: kill me!

For tax purposes I had to tally up our moving expenses last May.  You know the move where my husband got to fly home and I got stuck driving from Springfield, MA to Salt Lake City, UT in a Penske truck with a car trailer attached to the back.

You know the move where I got the truck stuck at the first gas station and had to ask the gas station owner to help me get it out.

You know the move where our GPS told us to go on a route that had overpasses in CT too short for us to go through, so we got pushed onto side roads, and a much longer route.

You know the move where I had to drive through NYC traffic in this truck. You know over the George Washington bridge and all. 

You know the move where my mother-in-law was my co-pilot. And we agreed to stop in Amish Country (for her) and Hershey, PA (for me) and almost got the truck stuck going down streets with covered bridges. 

You know the move where I was training for my first marathon so spent the evenings in hotel gyms.

You know the move when we traveled through tornado country during tornado season and saw a tornado forming, then had evacuation instructions at our hotel that evening. When I called my mom and bawled. And every day it rained/hailed. 

You know the move where I slept on a broken bed.

You know the move where we went two hours out of the way in Nebraska to visit a Garner family grave. Nebraska is a boring state. [Well, not entirely, but that's a story for another day.]

You know the move where I had just gotten my nose piercing and had to clean it consistently.

You know the move where I pretty much went crazy.

Ya, THAT move...

That cost $2,879.69!

I should have gone to Italy. 

Never will I do that again.


  1. Oh wow...that's crazy. What a road trip-good think you can look back and laugh.

  2. Hmm, not sure if I am at the laughing stage yet. Jk. If I don't Laughh, I'll just cry. I could have done so many other, more fun things with the dough...buy a bike, go to Italy, get a diamond necklace from Tiffany's...[sniffle...waaaaaaah]