April 06, 2012


[Trick Daddy]

I am so excited for Sunday.

Not because it's Easter. Because let's be honest. Easter blows. 


I am excited because my younger look-a-like sister, Hilary, is going to be competing on Food Network's Cupcake Wars.  You can all tune in Sunday April 8th @ 8pm/7c (6pm in Utah).

Just like I can't sing, I also can't cook/bake. Well, not like this chick can.

She really amazes me and I am so freakin' proud of her. She's done a lot to get here... High School State and National cooking and baking competitions (placing very well), College competitions (also did well), worked at multiple bakeries, volunteered for the Pro-Start program, appeared on TLC's Extreme Kid Parties, auditioned to be Darren Williams in-home chef (and turned it down, cause he was a douche), and has done countless weddings (including mine), parties, etc.

If you can get her to make you Chicken Marsala....[drool]...you'll be in heaven.

Being on Food Network has been a dream of hers and I love being able to see that dream come true.

I love you, Hilz! Couldn't be more proud of you!

Here is their audition video (my sister is the gorgeous brunette...holding the fan...rolling her eyes...trying to reign in her boss...and playing patty [cup]cake). Note: she's not really this cheesy in real life, but it makes me giggle watching her act this way...

Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcake Wars Audition from Collin Kartchner on Vimeo.

Make sure to set your DVRs and/or watch. You won't regret it!



  1. Too funny!!! I can't wait to see her on my favorite channel! Yay!!!

    1. I don't know of I have ever watched more than 10 min often Food Network...but I am excited, too!

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