April 08, 2012

Week #14 in Review

I have mixed feelings about this past week's training. I started off the week completely burnt out. I decided to take Monday off to recoop. I hate taking time off, but I knew that if I didn't I would either have a mental breakdown or some important things in life were going to completely drop off. It was a rough day.

After I wasted Monday away, I got back into the game on Tuesday and the week then started to progress. By the end, I completed my last long run before the first race of the season...and I did it with much success. Perfect way to end the first round of training. [Plus, we took our run out to Daybreak, which was a nice change of scenery.]

During that run, I smashed my 10k recorded time:
Previous Records
New Records

I've been trying to break that record for some time now. Quite frustrating I hadn't until now.

Okay, here's the rundown:
1 hour cycling class
8 mile run
(Schedule 5 miler + makeup for Monday break)
Weight training: Arms
1 hour Master's Swim Class
12 mile run
3 mile hill run @ 4.5% grade
Weight training: Arms
SLC Half-Marathon in 13 days and counting...

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