April 11, 2012

Sure Shot

[Beastie Boys]

Let's revisit my gear post from last year prior to running my 2nd half-marathon, the Olesak Lumber Half-Marathon.

Man, I am a completely different runner than I was a year ago. 

I swore by some things, that have since been booted to the curb. And picked up on others that fit in the category of, "WTF, how in the world did I ever get by without this!?"

So let's take another look at last's years winners and this year's replacements:

Shoes: Adidas Asics GT-2160

I still think Adidas are a great brand and I don't know if I prefer Asics now because of the brand or if it's because I finally went in for a shoe fitting. But wow, with these babies, chin splints be gone...love this shoe.

Tops: Ribbed Tanks

I've found a couple tanks this year that I love...and guess what, they aren't ribbed! Still, I can't run in t-shirts. I've suffered the winter months with windbreakers and long-sleeves. The minute it's 40 degrees you better believe I am peeling the layers off. 

My favorite tank right now is an Adidas Climalite Fitted Tech Tank.

Bottoms: Fitted Capris

I tried running tights, running shorts, and spanky shorts this last year. They all have a place in this world, but I still love my fitted capris by Under Armour most. [Sorry to the bypassing cars...I know you liked my spanky shorts. But, my goal is to comfortably exercise, NOT get as many honks as I can.]

Hair Accessories: Goodie StayPut elastics and headbands.

No changes here. The stay put works. And I love it. 

Powerbars: Crunchy Peanut Butter or Blueberry Crisp White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Bars

Clif bars still work as my pre-run breakfast, but because of a sale on Clif Bars at the grocery store I branched out to try some new flavors. Aaaaah, behold, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut....mmm.

Sports Drink: Fruit Punch Powerade Water and Chocolate Milk [Separate, not mixed...bleh...]

I am so done with sports drinks.
SO. DONE. Not only did I find they made my stomach "iffy" during long runs, I also just got sick of drinking them. I am all about water [and LOTS of it] before and during my training and races. Then post run, it's all about the chocolate milk.

Energy SupplementJelly Belly Sports Beans Coconutz Fuel

I am trying to eat more natural when possible. Especially since I am working out hard, I want to fuel my body with pure sources.  So I've been trying some more natural forms of fuel and these have been doing the job. Can I just tell you how awesome it is to be eating something that's actual food rather than just a science project? 

MP3 Player: iPod Shuffle

Nothing beats Apple. I love my shuffle. However, I need to upgrade because I've been listening to more podcasts and you can't listen to podcast on the shuffle. Say what?! Yep. So on Saturday I ran with my iPod touch in my bra...AND...now it's not working. Oops. [Not a smart move. Thanks for the idea mother.]

Some items that I also fell in love with this year:

BodyGlide: No chaffing. 
Nike+ Watch: Keeping pace has helped me tons. 
Non-cotton socks: Why didn't anyone tell me cotton causes blisters?
Socks with a padding on the ankleBrilliant!
The Grid Massage Therapy Roller: I wouldn't be running today without it. HEALED MY IT BAND!
LoseIt iPhone App: Helped me shed the 10 lbs of marathon weight and pick back up my pace.

So what is your favorite exercise gear? [If you do triathlons, I'd especially love your input...newbie here...save me from learning the hard way!]

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