May 09, 2012


[Ricky Martin]

Freaking out. Jumping UP and DOWN. Screaming. Jumping. Screaming. Jumping. Screaming. Jumping. Hugging. Screaming. Crying...

...and then all smiles.

That's how the night ended.

The full story starts here. But, today, I'd like to tell a story about the night I met Ricky Martin.

It all starts in a New York City apartment on 30th and Lexington Ave.

Me and the four girls I traveled with (Katie, Krick, Hilz, and Bec) were spread around the apartment at all available plugs with our curling irons and makeup brushes. We were getting ready for the event [person] that brought this vacation into thought and then reality. Ricky Martin was starring in Evita on Broadway, and we had tickets to the 8 o'clock show.

After primping and about to head out for the show, we snapped some pics knowing that once we hit the humid (79°) air, our sexiness would start to fade away into a lesser beauty like it had done earlier in the day.

Amongst the craze of pictures and leaving, an idea lit up in my brain.

I handed my iPad to my sister for a quick solo pic...

...and then typed away...

Yes, this sounds like a crazy person. I. Know. But, this may be the only time we ever cross paths. So why not put myself out there? You never know... right?

Fast forward to New York City, Marriott Marquis Theatre, 45th and Broadway

The Marriott Marquis Theatre is directly in Times Square. There's a frantic zoo of people outside it's doors. The lights of the city. The large billboards. The honking horns of taxis. And among all the outside chaos, the walls of the Marquis still stood out bright. The man whom we had come to swoon over was plastered on every wall. And as we walked past the posters and through the doors my heart started to thump harder with excitement.

We walked down the aisle to our usher [after purchasing paraphernalia, of course].

She showed us our seats and I about peed my pants over how close we were to the stage.

I walked into our row towards the two women seated next to us and immediately apologized for any involuntary reactions I would have that night. Explaining I had come from Utah to see Ricky Martin. And that I had waited 13 years for this moment.

Luckily, the women were part of the Ricky Martin fan club. They. Understood. Completely. After explaining they had already seen the show twice, they gave us the run down of how close he'd actually get to us, how long he'd be on stage, and all the little details about what it's like to meet him in person (which they had done twice with backstage passes to two of his concerts).

The lights then flickered queuing the show was going to start. We quieted as the lights darkened. In excitement, I held onto Becky's hand. Hoping I'd be able to remain cool. The curtains came up and the ensemble cast started to sing. No Ricky Martin, yet. They moved closer in the darkness of the funeral procession being acted out. Then a candle light flickr revealed a man weaving his body through the ensemble. And my body immediately started shaking, my grin spreading from cheek to cheek, and as he stepped out in front, tears started to stream down my face.

I had arrived.

He stood there in slacks, white shirt, and sports coat. Strong. Tall. Handsome. The epitome of S-E-X-Y. Just as he's pictured to be.

There was a ladder directly in front of us. 5 minutes in he climbed it. If I would have laid across the aisles with my arms extended I could have touched him. I wanted to reach out and touch his muscles as their strength climbed each rung.

From that point forward, my eyes never left him. His strong jawline. Bright smile. The way he walks. All his many expressions. I was surprised by his jovial attitude so naturally and comfortably being acted out. His eyebrows specifically caught my attention as they constantly moved his expressions from happy, to sad, to anger, to empathetic, and all the emotions in between. I starred at his lips. What would it be like to kiss those lips (ahem...KC approved)? And his smile, so infectious and real. It's the best part of him.

After the second song, he took off the jacket. Holy Hannah! The shirt was thin and his chiseled body showed through. I wanted to run my palms down his chest and then wrap my arms around his torso and let him hold me with his strong arms and big manly hands. [And maybe, grab his ass while I was already right there.]

Then there was the sound of his voice, both talking and singing. Incredible. He was right on with every note. Every time he opened his mouth my smile got bigger.

He was amazing. Everything I imagined and more.

As the first act was in it's last song, Ricky walked off stage right where we were sitting. And as he did so, glimpsed down directly at me.

My eyes widened.

Was that imagined?

Yes. It had to be.

But, as us girls gathered for a recap and review of Act 1, the first words out were:

"Did you see he totally just looked right at you?" (Katie)

"I kind of thought so, but thought I was making it up."(Me) 
"No, right there in that last song. As he walked off the stage he totally looked right at you."(Katie)

And the rest of the girls confirmed. It doesn't mean it actually happened, but we all acted like teenagers whose boy crushes had just said hi to them in the hallway for the first time. It was a ball of excitement during intermission.

My face was in pain from over smiling. But you couldn't have wiped that grin away.

When Act 1 started Becky and I knew what sexiness looked like. When Act 2 started all five girls were on board. Sexiness is Ricky Martin. We were in LOVE. And I had [possibly] caught his attention. [Let a girl dream...]

Act 2 was even better. It brought out the dancing side of Ricky. It was originally those hips that caught my eye as a teenager and those hips lived up to their hype.

The thing I loved most about the play was seeing Ricky's mannerisms. He has a distinct way of using his hands to tell a story. Or the way he stands during someone else's solo. The smoldering looks he gives. The confidence he shows, even when there is a mishap with a stage prop. He's so chill, so calm, so in control.

I was saddened as Act 2 started to wind down. My night with Ricky was about to be over.

The cast came out one by one to take their bows. Ricky stepped onto the stage and I examined everything about him. Taking a mental photo, because it was a memory I'd want to hang onto forever. And as I starred at him, his head turned my direction. Once again his attention was narrowed down to me. Without thinking I put my fingers to my lips and with both hands blew him a kiss as a sign of gratitude and love for the singer.

I think he saw it. If he really was looking at me, he would have. And I clapped and clapped until he turned and left the stage.

The girls next to me asked how I liked it and I broke down in tears of joy. "He was incredible," was the only words I could think of to describe him. I loved him now more than ever.

As I expressed my feelings to the fellow fans, they gave me their contact info, where I could email them for a slur of pictures they had from the prior two shows and the when he walked out he stage door.

We had planned on trying to get a glimpse of Ricky at the stage door, but I doubted we'd see him. The fan club girls encouraged it and provided me with some of their tips (with a blood oath to not share them with anyone and explained that I would likely ONLY get a glimpse of him. To not expect a signature or anything more).

We left the theatre and joined the mob of fans outside the stage door. And with the use of the tips provided to me, I found myself to the left of the stage door on the second row of fans. Enough for visibility.

During the wait were many stories which taint this one, so I've chosen to leave them out. But just remind me to someday tell you about the bitch and the boner.

I stood next to Hilary, pens in hand. Katie with her camera in hand behind us. Becky and Krick set up around the barriers, closer to his waiting car.

Before we knew it, a cheer exploded as he stepped through the stage door in a black addidas warm up suit. As we stood on the left, he walked directly across from us to the right and randomly grabbed a couple playbills to sign. Then ran over to our side down the line towards his car. The chances of him coming back towards us was slim.

Brilliant Katie shouted to me, "Start yelling, 'Amor' (the hash tag I had used in my tweet before the show)." Okay, why not? I only get this one chance...
"Ricky! Amor!!"
At that sound he kind of glanced up, like he had heard something, but wasn't sure what. I yelled again:
"Ricky! Amor!!"
He heard that time and walked in my direction, signing Hilary's and a couple others' playbills in between. As he got next to me I said again, "Amor! Ricky! Amor!"

Then the world closed in. A tunnel of vision excluded the craziness around. He looked up and directly into my eyes. He stopped to give me undivided attention. And I said, "Ricky! You were wonderful! Better than I even imagined!"

He looked even deeper into my eyes as we held the signed playbill together and said, "Aw, thank you, Baby." He let go of the playbill, then kissed two fingers and as he pulled them away from his lips he pointed them towards me to blow me a kiss in the shape of a peace sign. Then walked to his car, giving no further attention to anyone.

Before he got two steps back, Hilz and I turned to each other and....

Freaked out. Jumped UP and DOWN. Screamed. Jumped. Screamed. Jumped. Screamed. Jumped. Hugged. Screamed. And I cried...

...and then all smiles.


It was a moment so surreal. So perfect.
"Amor, only in a dream
I ever thought you'd find me
Amor, fell into a kiss
And left the world behind me" 
-Ricky Martin, "Amor" 


So why cry? Why get so worked up? It hit me that night what this all meant to me. Besides Ricky being hot...he was my definition of happiness during a dark time in my life. When my parents divorced while I was in high school, his music, entertainment, and personality/looks gave me something to live for. Seeing him brought up so many emotions and was a reminder I made it through all the rough times and life is good. There will always be happiness. People find it in all kinds of sources. Ricky was mine and will always be a source of joy for me. I am grateful for his talent, for his attention directed to me as a single fan, and wish him all the happiness he's brought into my life. Thank you, Ricky! Mi amor!


  1. I love this post! It made me so happy to read it! I have a smile from ear to ear. I am so happy you got to have this experience :)

    1. Crazy experience, right? Can you believe it?! Think back to the DB days...If I would have told my past self this would happen to me, I would have just died. But, I am glad I didn't, because I wouldn't have been able to control myself back then and probably would have just completely scared him. It was better to meet him now that I am more mature and controlled...if you can call how I reacted calm and cool. Not really. But, still I handled myself fairly well considering. Haha!

  2. Crazily enough, this made me cry. Gen I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! And you wrote it perfectly- I am so glad, because it helped me remember what it was like to be there, and if I ever forget I can come read this. You are so wonderful and I seriously still can't believe this happened.


    1. Oh good! This means I am not the ONLY one who has cried over this. Phew.

      No, seriously, having you there with me jumping and screaming was so much fun. I wouldn't change anything about it. Thank you for being so excited. And thank you for spending your hard earned money and traveling across the country to help make this happen. It meant so much to me!

      PS - I am so happy about your new found love for the Latin sex god.

  3. Gen, I can't thank you enough for letting me be a part of this special moment in your life. It really is a dream come true! Reading this reminded me that of all the people I know in my life you are most deserving of this and I know you will cherish it forever. I love you!!!

    P.S. When are we going to see Evita again?! ;)

    1. No joke. Can we go back today? Huh? Huh?

      Thank you for the kind comment. I don't know if I am the MOST deserving of this. But, I am probably the most APPRECIATIVE of it. It's a memory I'll forever look back on with incredible bliss and overwhelming feelings of happiness. And you being part of it will always add to those memories. Who else would hold my hand and whisper how hot he is during the middle of a play? Only you REALLY understood this moment...

      Now when are we going to track down Robert Pattinson? (And Johnny Depp for Hilz?)

  4. Dude. That freakin' ROCKS!!!! It rocks!!!! Like I can't even imagine your happiness. My fave was reading why it meant so much to you. I get that. It's the same reason I love Kenny Rogers and Neil Diamond. My Dad did. Only I admit, your crush is immensely cuter. Only gay. So....SHOOT! We both lose. Anyway, I digress. It was SO AWESOME to hear this happened to you. Way to go you. I am SO HAPPY. Now head to IKEA and get one of their awesome frames that you can put 3-D stuff in and hang that sucker on your wall.