May 11, 2012

King of New York

[Original Cast of Newsies]

The reason we went to NYC was to see Ricky Martin in Evita (and it was the BEST part of the trip), but it's not the only thing we did. Besides my honeymoon (also in NYC), it was my favorite trip of all time. It will take me a couple days to relay all the amazing events, so stay tuned.

Since I am already on the topic of hot men and Broadway, I think we should continue with the theme...

However, this time, let's talk about men in knickers...dancing...AND singing. Mmmm-mmmm.

Though I'd consider Ricky Martin the King of New York, "for now", we're talkin' Newsies.

We went to the city with the idea we'd fit in 1 or 2 more shows beyond Evita. We also decided that we were going to take our chances at the TKTS booth and get discounted tickets for these shows.

Krick really, REALLY wanted to see Newsies. (1) Because it was one of the few plays she hasn't seen (she's a broadway whore like me). And (2) it is a limited engagement; only playing from March to August (or so they claim). Knowing that we wouldn't be back before the show ends, she was determined to fit this in if we could get the cheaper tickets.

As we toured around NYC, it just didn't seem like a possibility. The only opening we had in our schedule was for Sunday night and Katie, Krick, and Bec had tickets to the matinee of Wicked. They would literally have to run to the Newsies' Theatre and hope they make the show.

Sunday morning we went to the TKTS booth, sans Katie, to get matinee tickets for Hilz and I. As tour guide, I had planned on the TKTS booth opening at 10am, so we arrived around 9:30 in order to get in line. When we arrived, there was NO line. Because the booth didn't open until 11am on Sundays. Oops.

So we walked around Times Square wasting time away. [Which isn't a bad way to waste time.]

In pattern with the rest of our vacation, serendipitiously we met Mark as we strolled around. He belonged to a ticket company and happened to be selling discount Newsies' tickets for the Sunday evening show. Tickets were going for $180, but he was able to get us $60 orchestra seating and all seated together, to boot. Amazing fella. We love him.

We then grabbed matinee Avenue Q tickets at the TKTS booth for Hilz and I and then went on with our remaining plans for the day, which I'll come back to another day.

At 3:00, Hilz and I split from the group to attend the off Broadway Muppet show for adults, Avenue Q.

Of the group, Hilz and I were easily the most crass (what happens in New York stays in New York...right girls? right!?). So this was the perfect play for us to see.

With songs such as 'You Can be as Loud as the Hell You Want When You're Having Sex' and 'Everyone's a Little Bit Racist', it was 2 hours full of gasps and laughs. And the actors were amazing. How they do impersonations, sing, and puppeteer multiple characters beats me. Talent. Pure talent! I'll be seeing that again. For. Sure.

We then ran over to the Newsies' Theatre to meet up with the others for our evening show.

I remember the first time I saw Newsies. I was in 7th grade. Our band teacher let us watch it during class and we had to name instruments that we could hear in the show. Awesome assignment. I just swooned over Christian Bale (and still do). I was skeptical that the musical could live up to his performance, but our Jack Kelley was smokin' hot!

The large cast consist of all but, what, 3 girls? And boy those men could dance! I recognized immediately one of the dancers from So You Think You Can Dance, Evan. I've only watched 1 season of the show. But, this guy was my favorite (and the only one I've ever voted for).

Bec recognized a couple more SYTYCD men and was very excited over 1 particular Asian, Alex Wong. And I can understand why... yummmmMM-Y!

After the show, which I would recommend if you get the chance to see it, we decided we had luck with Ricky Martin, so why not wait out by the stage door and see if we can get Jack Kelley (Jeremy Jordan), Alex Wong, and Evan to sign our playbills. [Eventually, I want to frame all my playbills. And now I have 4 signed ones...Billy Elliott, Jersey Boys, Evita, and Newsies.]

As the boys came out to sign our playbills, we hollered and cheered. We laughed over the fact that we were all in our mid/late-20s to early 30s and either married or with kids, yet we allowed ourselves to get star struck and giddy. It was a sight I am glad you all will never see, but one that was a complete blast.

When Jeremy stepped out, we tried and tried to get him to kiss Hilz on the cheek (against her will). But, he his words "cough, cough gay sick".

Regardless of the kiss-less night, the whole day was fun. Two plays in one day. I could live life like that.


  1. Aw man, I hope to see Newsies one day! Looks like so much fun!

    1. Newsies was great. I really think they'll keep it on Broadway or at least tour it. It's a bummer that you weren't with us. Next time we'll have to plan better to make it so you can join us!

      I saw that you got tickets to Wicked here in SLC! Did you see it in London? I can't seems so. If you didn't, you'll love it! If you did, you'll love it again. I've seen it twice and each time was incredible!

  2. I COULD LIVE LIKE THAT! Like freak. In my old age I no longer really get jealous of other people. So for real I'm not jealous. I just REALLY want to go to NYC one day when my butt isn't broken. And I will for sure come to you for good pointers. :) (PS...I may have been a little Newsies obsessed as a kid. Like embarrassing. Hence the reason I probably didn't attend prom) And Alex Wong ROCKS. He never finished the season on SYTYCD because of an injury. I'm SO glad he got in this!

    1. Lara, it is a MUST you go to NYC. Although just be prepared that when you do go, you'll probably never want to return. I am having withdrawals.

      But I hope you heal fast and get to go soon...and maybe take me along ;)

  3. I am obsessed with SYTYCD! How cool that you got to see Evan and Alex! SOooo cool!
    I am also obsessed with Newsies. My biggest crush ever, and still is, Christian Bale. Yummy! I love that you got to see this.
    What an AMAZING trip!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can't wait to see more pix!

    1. I thought your biggest crush was David Duchovny? Though Christian Bale makes MUCH, MUCH more sense. I think you should stick with that ;)

  4. Mmmmmmm I just love looking at the pictures of our boys. I want to thank you guys for having us go see Newsies cuz now I'm obsessed with it now! I can't stop thinking about the dancing, singing, tapping and their hot bodies! :) I'm now following on Twitter a few guys from the show...including Alex and Jeremy!!

    1. Hmm..twitter. Great idea!

      When are we going to get together and watch the movie? Because your obsession is about to get worse...