May 17, 2012

Run the World (Girls)


"Did you hear I met Ricky Martin?"...just kidding, Mom. [I started every sentence with that at my Mom's on Sunday. It was cracking her up.]

I do have more to share regarding NYC. But, doesn't running always come first?

My mom, Krick, Bec, Aunt Vicki, Lil' Dot, and I ran the Race for the Cure on Saturday.

Being in Mass, I had missed the past 3 Race for the Cure races. It was fun to be back and running in Memory of my Aunt, "Big Vic" who passed away from Breast Cancer. She was an incredible, classy, intelligent woman, someone I looked up to. The world was a better place with her in it. So it's always an emotional day to run in her honor.

I find that when I have a purpose and my thoughts are directed to something greater during a run, I excel. This run was my best 5k race time, but unfortunately the Race for the Cure is not officially timed due to the purpose of the race. So I'll have to try to beat this again during an official timed raced.

Nonetheless, my watch recorded this sufficiently to prove it out.

And I not only broke my 5k record, but also my 1 mile record.

Prior PRs
PRs as of 05/12/2012
Thanks for pushing me to be better, in more ways than one, Big Vic! Love you and miss you dearly!


  1. I am SO bummed I didn't run this race this year. There's always next year right? Way to go on such an awesome run!!! You rock!
    It was SO fun seeing you on Sat. I hope you guys can hang out soon. Boats open on Memorial day!! :)

    1. Boats????!!!! BOATS!!!!!!! I am dancing right now... hooray! Pedicures and THEN boats? Or we can flip it and reverse it.

      ...and next year is a MUST....we missed having you there.