May 21, 2012

This is Good

[Ricky Martin]

"Did you hear I met Ricky Martin?"...haha. Is that getting old? [That's a rhetorical question...I am sure it has to be.]

But seriously now, we've covered Ricky [and for those of you who are critics of our love...he's Bi, not gay. I do still have a chance -- wink, wink].

We've also covered Avenue Q and Newsies.

Now let's talk food...mmmMMMmm...foooooooood....

I've been to NYC now 7 times? And you know what? I've never really eaten at local restaurants there. You see I am married to a picky eater. So wherever we go, MCD's it is. Including, in the big apple. [So sad.]

Thus, part of the fun of this trip was going with my sister, Hilz. Owner of Rue de Lis Desserts, cupcake wars champ, and a major foodie. She had a list of restaurants and bakeries she wanted to go to. We tried to fit in as many as possible. We didn't get to everything, but what we did get to was absolutely DELICIOUS!

Here's the rundown of what devoured.

  • Creme Brule doughnuts @ Doughnut Plant.

Katie, Hilz, and Krick @ Doughnut Plant
I got both a Coconut Cream & Creme Brulee

  • Pizza @ Lombardi's in Little Italy: My attempts (2) at NYC pizza before this trip were a major let down. But, Lombardi's does it [oooh soooo] right.

Katie, Krick, Me, Hilz, and Bec @ Lombardi's 
Greasy, yummy, goodness. 

  • Chicken and Waffles @ Southern Hospitality in Hell's Kitchen

Yep, THAT food was for 5 girls.
--We know how to do it right.--

  • Decadent chocolate desserts @ Finacier Bakery

  • Coffee Cake @ Bouchon Bakery

  • Frozen Hot Chocolate @ Serendipity 


Really cool lighting inside.
Hilz & the massive menu
Hilz & I @ Serendipity
THE Frozen Hot Chocolate
If you go...share....too much for one person.
Me & Krick

  • Chicken kabobs & pretzels from a Street Cart

         [Not pictured]

  • We also really liked this place next to our apartment called Bread & Butter. We ended up eating there for a couple meals as it was convenient and yummy.
         [Not pictured]

Yaaaa...the pants were for sure tighter after this trip. But, so worth it. Just hitting the gym harder now. 

[How Hilz stays a tiny little me! But, I want to know her secret. She's such a babe!...AND...knows how to pick OUTSTANDING restaurants/bakeries. Smart of us to bring her along ;)]


  1. Mmmmm I could have me some frozen hot chocolate right about now!

  2. Awwww.... Gen, you are seriously way too nice! The only reason I'm a babe is because I'm a copy of you ;) Haha. That was SO much fun and I'm so grateful you all went along with my crazy plans. That was the BEST Trip ever and seriously DOMINATED boston. It's a little sad, but not really. I love you so much, you're my bff!