May 26, 2012

On This Night of a Thousand Stars

[Evita - Broadway Cast]

Still on cloud 9 from meeting Ricky Martin (Did you hear I met him? Sorry, I had to...right?), Saturday we boarded a dinner cruise. It was a last minute trip decision. We purchased tickets the night before the trip. I had found a cruise with dinner, dancing, and that hit some major landmarks; including the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and New York Skyline.

If you remember anything about these blog posts, remember this:

If you go to NYC:



[Deep Breath]

You got it?

This is important.

Do you need me to repeat? Dinner Cruise. Top of the Rock.

So the dinner cruise...

So. MUCH. FuN!

We boarded in Chelsea at 7pm. We rushed to get there in time, but we made it there and got our seats.

Bec, Me, Hilz, Katie, and Krick
Sisters in Charge
Me, Hilz, and Krick
Our waitress, Rachel [whom we are all Facebook friends with now] was awesome. She informed us that, yes, there was dancing....[really, the entire reason we all wanted to be there]. Also, she would be performing.
View inside the ship.
Buffet. Which was actually REALLY good.
Mmm. Dessert.
Cheesecake and Chocolate Mousse 
Bec, Hilz, and Me
How often do you get a view like that?
After we ate up, the performances started. With them all being singers, dancer, performers hoping to be on Broadway....the show was incredible. One guy knew the entire "Singles Ladies" dance. I loved it. It was perfect for a girls trip. I think if KC were there he would have died. But for us, it was a hit.

When it was Rachel's turn, she sang "Born This Way" for which us girls hopped onto the dance floor. Up until that point NO ONE was dancing. NO. ONE. 

The DJ got out a feather boa and Rachel gave it to me:

I was dancing around. Shimmying. You know...the boa usual. 

At this point, the "French Man" entered the seen...

He was so DRUNK. He came up, grabbed the boa right off me and then proceeded to steal the show. I couldn't stop laughing. It was funny. NO it was awkward. NO it was funny. Awkward. Funny. Funny. Awkward. I don't know... It was awkwardly funny.

After the song we left the dance floor. Us four (Katie doesn't dance...[shaking head]) weren't going to stick around with the French dude. Rather, we decided to go take in the view on the deck.

Bec, Krick, Katie, Me, and Hilz
Me and Hilz
(sorry, Hilz, for the hair in the face)
Bec, Me, Hilz, and Krick
Bec and Me (with crazy hair again)
When we returned inside, the dance floor was P-A-C-K-E-D. Packed! We cut through and found a spot to dance. And boy did we dance. And dance. And dance. [Even danced to a special request of "Livin' La Vida Loca']

Once we got hot, we went outside again. Perfect timing because we were just hitting the Brooklyn Bridge:

Then we turned back and stopped at the Statue of Liberty:

The night ended with more dancing and a beautiful view of the evening skyline. Have I told you how much I love this city? Because I really, REALLY do.

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