May 27, 2012

If You Ever Saw Her

[Ricky Martin]

Prior to meeting Ricky Martin [snicker], we hit some famous landmarks. Katie was a NYC virgin. Becky had had a quickie last year when she visited KC and I. And Hilz had a weekender back in 2009. So those three had yet to visit "The Lady". It was our first of many landmarks.

Katie, Krick, Me, and Hilz @ the Staten Island Ferry Terminal 
As we waited in line, we saw a sign that usually doesn't phase me. But, all of sudden Hilz and I started to panic.  

Blah, blah, blah...
No Mace.


What were we supposed to do?

Remember back in February when I bought my sisters and I mace after a couple scary events. WELLLLLLL....Hilz and I were carrying ours (Krick????...[shaking head]). We went back and forth.... 
  • Do we risk it and see if it makes it through security? I mean...I had a pocket knife on my keychain that made it through SLC security. (It didn't make it through security on the return trip...RIP Pocket Knife.)
  • Do we try to hide it in a bush and find it afterwards?
  • Do we throw it in the next garbage can we pass in line?
Well after a story from one of the girls about their friend getting a warning of a possible fine of $500 next time they "accidentally" have a "weapon" in security we decided that risking it may not be worth the $10 cost to re-buy the mace.

As seen in the picture above, we couldn't really hop out of line to go hide the mace. Plus, even if we could...would it look suspicious that we were hiding something around a national monument? Probably.

So we chucked the mace. [Now someone is going to have to pester me to buy a new set for Hilz and I.]

After the small panic, we got through security without fuss and boarded the ferry out to Staten Island.
Life Jackets.
So glad we didn't have to use them.
It was a cold day.
Skyline of NYC 
Closeup of skyline.
The tall tower is the new "One" World Trade Center Building.
The gals.
Katie, Krick, Bec, Hilz, and I.
Full skyline.
We didn't spend much time on Staten Island; about 20 minutes. It's really pretty, but actually quite boring. [Minus, me biffing it while stepping onto a curb to take a picture. Totally face planted. Everyone got a good laugh...har-har-har. No, just really was funny. I laughed 'til I cried.]

Still, I think some good photos came out of the visit:

Probably my favorite picture from the trip.
I have beautiful sisters. Including the missing two.

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