May 27, 2012

Love You For a Day

[Ricky Martin]

Besides seeing Evita (and meeting Ricky Martin) the other request I had for the trip was to go on a bike ride in Central Park.

Katie, Krick, and I split from Bec and Hilz (who chose to walk the park). We picked up some junker bikes at the rental shop and took off to discover the park.

Riding through the park was different than what I expected. You have to remain on the main roads. I was sad that we wouldn't get to ride on the walkways, as I had hoped. But a few minutes in, I found that the park from the main roads was still beautiful. And viewing the park this way allowed us to see about 3/4 of the park's length. 
Katie, Krick, and I at the main fountain in Central Park.
Here are some snapshots from around the park:
The "Stewart Little" Pond
I only know Central Park by the movie spots. Haha. 
Alice in Wonderland Statue 

Imagine Tribute to John Lennon
Strawberry Fields, Central Park

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