May 28, 2012

Oh What a Circus

[Evita - Broadway Cast]

On Friday morning [only hours from looking into Ricky's eyes], we hit the Today show.

My cousin Bec is awesome. She is the happiest person you will ever meet. And one thing that makes her happy is Celebrities. I admit, I get star struck. I mean, come on...Ricky?! If I didn't say I was star struck that night, I'd be one big fat liar.

But this is a new level. Becky carries a permanent marker with her at all times. This marker saved me when meeting Ricky. Duh...I didn't even think to bring one. So I admit, it's brilliant. I think I'll start doing this.

So in hopes of getting Becky some airtime and maybe meeting some of the Today show broadcasters Becky got us matching pink t-shirts so we'd stand out. Another thing about Bec. She LOVES pink. LOVES. IT. [Bec, I love you! You are so awesome!]

Well, the t-shirts were a success. We got on TV AND met Anne and Al. Score! [Unfortunately Matt wasn't there. I've seen him in person before. Beautiful man. I am telling you...simply beautiful. --Faint--]

Krick, Bec, Me, Hilz, and Katie @ the Today Show
Me and Bec goofing off while we waited.
Bec, Me, and Krick
The crew.
I love this picture simply because Anne was so smiley and nice.
And then, BAM, grumpy face.
This must be her "photogenic" go-to. It's not working though.
Since Hilz took our picture of Anne and the girls, Anne gave Hilz Anne's papers.
Frame those babies....haha.
Al came over to shake our hands.
I gave him the most awkward hand shake.
Totally caught his thumb on the inside.
So weird.

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  1. Awww Gen you're the best!! I love you! This was such a great day and is in my top 10 days of my life :) Met 2 celebrities in 1 day...come on!!