May 31, 2012

I Never Planned On You

[Newsies - Broadway Cast]

Pop Quiz!

What are the two things you need to remember from these NYC posts?
[And unfortunately, meeting Ricky Martin isn't one.]


Come've got this...



Okay, fine. The answer can be found here.

So why Top of the Rock?

Here's why:

Isn't that a magnificent view?

I've been to the Empire State Building twice. Once in the day. Once in the evening. It. Doesn't. Match. This. View. Do you understand? I am trying to say, the Empire State Building is not worth the time (2-3 hours in line vs. 15-20 min) or money ($40 vs $25) if you are looking for the view.

If you are trying to meet up with a stranger you heard on the radio...that's a different story. If you are wanting to just check off a tourist attraction on your list (aka - "Been there. Done that")...that's also a different story.

But the Top of the Rock is the real deal. IMO...skip the pire. <--that's my sweet slang for Empire. Nice, huh?

Me, Katie, and Krick

Me in front of Central Park 
View into Times Square

Street View

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I will need to go there on my next NYC trip!