May 31, 2012

Time of the Season

[The Zombies]

For seriously. I need to take a break from NYC. I am getting behind on some of the good stuff...

THIS Sunday my seester is on Cupcake Wars Champions! Set your DVR's for 6pm MST on the Food Network channel. If you missed the first episode she was on....go here. To see their audition video...go here.

If you are on facebook, you probably saw THIS photo:

KC, Chris Kattan, and Me
For which KC added this comment:
"It kind of looks like I shouldn't be in this pic. Oh, wait. I've got one like that too ;)"
Yep, he got one of just Chris and I, too....and it was kind of awkward.

Chris Kattan and Me
The short of it...Chris kept eyeing me after the performance. We stepped up to take a photo. Great. KC then jumped out to take one of just Chris and I. Chris blatantly looked my up and down and did a "huh, huh, huh" growl. Then was like, "Yes, let's get one of just us." A-W-K-WAR-D! [He was kind of a perv without that...let alone with that.]


I went to a race clinic tonight. I learned a TON at the nutrition clinic. I was beyond mesmerized at the Bike Maintenance clinic. But, the running clinic....I think I am a pro. There was only a small bit of information about form that I hadn't heard before, but the rest...come on! I've got this! [I don't think I realized how much I actually know about running...and to be honest, since I am such a beginner in the other sports I needed that boost of confidence.]

This one is a killer....literally. Ummm...if yous alls didn't know...I am TERRIFIED of Zombies. I think it's because I really like watching Zombie shows and it's caused me to believe this could really happen some day. If there was an actual Zombie Apocalypse I've sworn I would kill myself at the first news announcement of it. I've informed KC, so that he doesn't go looking for me...just assume I'm peacefully dead and my body is being fed on.

So, enter the Miami man....

No back up. Let me tell you how the news was broken to me.

It's 7:30am on Wednesday. My co-worker, Cortni says to me and another colleague, "So did you guys hear about the guy in Miami?" Ben mumbled something about having heard. Not knowing, I looked at Cortni and said, "Is it bad?" (Thinking it was probably another school shooting or something.) Her face got stone cold serious, she leaned forward in her chair, and whispered "F!@#%ing Zombies, Man". I immediately got a pit in my stomach. For reals?! "That's not funny...Zombies! Where's a sharp object I can kill myself with now?" Luckily, she finished the story before I had a chance. And we've been laughing about the "F'n Zombies, Man" comment for a good 40 hours now. If there is an actual Zombie Apocalypse can someone break the news to me that way? At least I'll get a good laugh before I commit suicide.

Ho, hum...anything else this week I've missed? I think that's good for now. Back to your regularly scheduled NYC update...

[Can you believe I made it through a post without mentioning Ricky Martin?...okay...almost made it through an entire post...shucks!]

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