June 03, 2012

Act a Fool (Dirty)


I am still cleaning the dirt out from under my finger nails. 

Last fall when Krick and I ran the Dirty Dash, we got muddy.

But, yesterday was a whole different story. We got MUDDY! Filthy dirty!

See I went to the Utah Spring Dirty Dash with this crazy bunch of kids...
Brooke, Ethan, Darren, KC, and Me
KC and Me
Ethan, Darren, and KC were friends in High School. Brooke and I were friends in High School. And we all went to High School together. So we all go way back...10 years if you can believe it.

I love this group.

Brooke started running this year, so I suggested that we get the group together for the Dirty Dash. Unfortunately, the entire group couldn't make it. We missed having Cam, Katie, James, and Betty around, but I am SOOOOO glad we still went regardless.

The course this year had 20 obstacles. I think last year had 6-8. So it was packed full of muddy fun. We gave our energy to the obstacles and opted to jog/walk most of the course, since not the entire group was runners. Fine by me. 

Let's see. Bullet points of the day:
  • Darren didn't show up in a thong, as promised. So bummed out about that! 
  • If there is soda at a water station, skip it. None of us bode well from that choice.
  • This group never fails to surprise me at the number of taboo conversations that can be discussed amongst friends. Just when I thought I knew it all...
  • We need to find Darren a wife. He's a pretty chill guy. Anyone know a girl into 28 year old mormon red-heads. He'll spoil her with fantastic jewelry produced by his very own self. I mean look at the awesome necklace he gave me:
Thank you, Darren!
  • We all got in mud fights. Ethan and Brooke, KC and I, Darren and KC, Darren and Ethan, Ethan and Me, Brooke and Darren...and so on. It was a mess up in thurr... [Sorry, again, about the mud in the ear, Ethan.]
  • We all fell...like full on face plant....at one point or another. Me, it was off a haystack. Totally caught my foot and smacked right into the group.
  • At about mile 3.5 we had to go waist deep into a cold, muddy river. The guys all screamed [relating to George Castanza]. But one guy in particular shrieked, "Ah, my giblets!" For which I am still giggling...
  • Rather than trudge through the lake, they brought it closer to shore. But, something..don't know what...but something was smelling rank. Think chemical. Think perm solution. I saw both KC and Brooke gag. Funny, but it was putrid.
  • The slide was great. Who doesn't love a wetslide? But, I expected a full pool of mud at the end [like last year]. But it was just ground. And yep, I hit my tailbone so hard. I may, or may not, but definitely AM feeling it in my back today. But, I think my picture, taken moments before, is going to look sa-weet!
  • The final mud pits, Brooke and I got in a mud wrestling fight at the request of our husbands. I lost my glasses and only Darren caught it. Since Ethan and KC were high fiving over KC's cannonball...what a waste?!
  • I got a ticket. KC forgot to register his car...urggg...
  • I love my Dirty Dash shirt...and now I have two. I love the navy blue and this year's slogan.

Muddy, Dirty, and Happy...our AFTER shots....

Darren, Me, KC, Ethan, and Brooke 
Me and KC
After we showered at Darren's place and then went for some awesome pizza. Darren showed us around Midway. What a cute town.

It was a great day. 

It's good to have such awesome and fun friends!

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  1. Genevive, I have been wanting to go out with Darren since, gosh along time. I went to HS with you all as well. I think he knows I like him, but maybe it would help if you talked to him.
    email me at jennync27@gmail.com
    thanks, Jenny