July 29, 2012

Can I Get a What What


I didn't DROWN.

I didn't CRASH.



So my 1st [and definitely not last] triathlon goes in the books as a success. 

And boy oh boy did I love it. I loved it so so much!

Part of me wants to relay all the events to you. Part of me wants to share my results. Part of me just wants to do another race right now. This. Very. Moment. Can I go back? 

While driving home from Idaho I thought... "This is the same feeling as coming home from a great vacation. I don't want it to be over." 

I'd say the only time I have that feeling after a race is at the Dirty Dash which is just goofing off for 6 miles. I mean racing is awesome, but it's hard work. Usefully I feel proud, but ready from some good downtime before taking on the next challenge. This time I just wanted to go back and do it again. Right now.

Oh man this post is already getting long. I am not really good really bad at keeping it short. If I try to relay the whole event I think I'll lose you [if I haven't already]. So today, let's talk about the results. They posted the official results today here. With my results here

I didn't have a time goal going in, but I assumed anything under 3 hours is probably respectable. So finishing at 2:53:56.3 made me happy.

Even more, I placed 23rd in my division, Females 25-29, which consisted of 71 finishers. The Triology team members were freaking out over my placement for my 1st triathlon, especially with it being an Olympic distance and that specific race. 

I placed 184th out of 512 finishers in my gender and 826th out of 1458 finishers overall. 

Per event, I broke down to:

Swim: 11th (00:20:37)
Bike: 55th (01:33:45)
Run: 11th (00:53:05)
[But, looking at the racers, I think I actually took 9th, since the 1st ran it in 15 min...not possible. And the 3rd place was part of a relay, which is supposed to be in it's own division since they didn't bike or swim.]

That damn bike! Obviously, my weakness. But just you wait 'til next year. They won't know what hit them! I am already hitting up more experienced cyclists for training runs with me and reading up on how to improve my biking speed. 

I think that's the best part of a first race; it gives you the starting point for all your future training. Going into the triathlon I only knew how I'd compare in the run. I had no gauge for where I stood in the swim and bike events. 

I found out that I am a strong swimmer. I am actually nearly as good of a swimmer as I am a runner. In both areas (swim and run) I placed in the top 25% overall (men and women combined)! And in the top 15% by gender (and in gender + age).

[I had a feeling about my strength in swimmming. I told Kase a couple months ago that I wish my parents would have put me on a swim team when I was young. I had a feeling I was doing well and wondered what I could have been if I'd started out younger.]

However, I found that I am a below average biker. I have to shave 20 minutes off my bike time to be a contender in my division ;)  I naturally start to be disappointed in myself seeing the bike results. But, I am forcing myself not to go there. Instead, I am going to take this as a challenge and show up next year ready to compete like a cycling champ.

For now, I am going to take pride in my swim and run times. My division placement. And ultimately the real goal...finishing [well, really...the goal was not drowning]!


  1. Congrats, Gen! Looks like all that hard work and training paid off! I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to see what's next. Also can't wait to hear stories tomorrow :) you're my hero! (and I mean that)

    1. Cortni, you are such a sweetie! That's a lot of pressure to be someone's hero...you sure you don't want to pick someone else? Haha. I'll try to step it up if you are set on that.

      And, I've got stories....looking forward to work tomorrow. Kinda.

  2. Anonymous9:31:00 PM

    Way to go, Vieve! I'm so glad that the race exceeded all of your dreams and expectations, for that's what really does put the best icing on life's great cake! Now put your feet up and rest. Mom

    1. Mom...you are so cheesy. Thanks though!

  3. That's so awesome Vieve! We are very proud of you! It sounds like a really cool experience too. Can't wait to hear about it in the flesh! :)

    1. Kylie, I won't fight your request to tell ya about it in person. I could talk about it all day. It was so cool!

  4. Wow I'm so proud and happy for you!! Can't wait to hear all the details!

  5. Gen! I want to hear all about it! I want to know how frightening the transitions are, and how it was to swim in a river, and if it was scary to ride your bike with so many people around you, and, and and...I have SO many questions. Come hang out soon and tell me ALL about it. Pretty please.
    I'm so proud of you and think you rocked it. Congrats Gen! You're my hero!