July 26, 2012

Don't Break the Rules

[Catch Me If You Can Broadway Cast]
That's it. Training is officially over for Spudman, aka my "A" race this year. I finished up yesterday by swimming the full mile continuously and then swimming some easy drills to wrap up a 2200m. It was the perfect note to end training on.

Now I only have to sit back, take it easy, kick my feet up, relax, and get excited. Two days off, guilt free, from working out. I love working out, but I'll admit this is much needed.

Okay, so I can't entirely kick back. I have a few things left to do. But nothing physical. The first thing on my to-do list was to read over the rules of racing. In case you didn't know racing isn't show up and go. There are rules. And for triathletes these rules can disqualify you or add to your finish time through a penalty. So if you are curious [and Krick, for Randy's sake], here are the key points I'll need to remember:

The Rules of Triathlon

You can't accept assistance from anyone but race official, volunteers, or medical personned.
Spudman: assistance from race officials during the swim won't disqualify you as long as you finish the course

Transition Area
No glass in transition areas
Bike to be placed in upright position
Helmet must be put on before you touch your bike and worn until in transition area and dismounted from bike.

Swim Event
Wetsuits must be marked with names and addresses

Cycling Event
No drafting; must keep 3 bike lengths back, unless passing; 23 feet back and 6.5 feet wide (USAT). (Spudman: A space of at least two bike lengths must be left between riders.)
Passes must be completed within 15 seconds
If someone passes you, you must drop back 3 bike lengths (USAT). (Spudman: 2 bike lengths)
No iPod or iPod like devices may be worn on the bike. Time penalty. (Spudman rule)

Run Event
No iPod or iPod like devices may be worn on the run. Time penalty. (Spudman rule)

So much to remember. Sadly the ipod is the most difficult. Do you think they'll really hold to this? Most races don't. Should I risk it?

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