September 10, 2012

The Edge of Glory

[Lady Gaga]

Not that I'm much of a writer. But, I've been experiencing my own bout of writer's block.

"I Can Tri" Sprint Tri, 2012
It's not that life isn't giving me plenty to journal. It's that I am at a loss of how to put it on paper in a post.

In fact, the results of my Sprint Triathlon on Saturday is something I would normally be anxious to get written down. Every day I delay I seem to forget the details.

Due to my lack of words, it goes like this:

I placed 2nd in my division (F 25-29)

Considering that my division only had 11 people, I am not sure how excited I should be about that. Still that's top 20%. It counts for something, right? My itunes gift card winnings are telling me "Yes". [If you are interested, I plan to buy add-on packs for Ticket to Ride. I'm addicted.]

Though, I didn't get "on the podium" for overall gender, I am even more proud of my 4th place here than my 2nd place in the division. There were 88 women total. Putting me in the top 5%. That's brag worthy. Even without an itunes gift card to show for it.

And if you add the men in, there were a total of 161 participants. I took 23rd. Top 15%. Also proud of that.

Here were my final times:

Swim (400m): 09:34
T1: 01:04 
Bike (9 miles): 30:54
T2: 00:54
Run (5k): 27:11
Finish Time: 01:09:40
I did take 1st in something. Bike transition time (T1). Finally proof of my undressing/dressing speed skills ;)

A few things to be said about this race:

(1) I wasn't a big fan of the pool setting for the swim. It was hectic. I got kicked in the face, swum on top of, and navigating around/away from people slowed me down. And with all that, we had to cross over/under the lane ropes. Not really a fan. [But, I was a fan of seeing my mom at the starting line. She totally looked at Krick and I like we were 5 again. She was so excited for us! She's always my biggest supporter at races. Thanks again for being there, Mom.]

(2) My cycling has improved. After the disappointment at Spudman, I couldn't be happier about doing better here. Thank you bike computer. It's such a game changer.

Leaving T1 
(3) I had side cramps on the run. The pain was unbearable. I tried to run through it, but found myself walking three different times. Totally unexpected and I'm trying to figure out what's going on. In fact, I ran 10 miles today and got them again. So frustrating...

Finishing the run. Grasping my side in pain.
(4) I bruised my heel. I think it was during the run from the swim to bike. It was a barefoot run on asphalt and cement.

(5) KC and Paul came out to cheer me on. Super fun to have them there! [And I appreciate them sticking around for the award ceremony.]

Kase and I after the race.
Awards Ceremony
(6) Kristin also participated in the race. It was good to be racing with her again. She is awesome to have  prior to racing and to share sob/success stories with after. Congrats on your great finishing time!

Krick and I at the finish line.

That's all folks!


  1. Vieve!!! You are amazing!!! We are so proud of you! And seriously, can we play Ticket To Ride??? Love that game! :)

    1. Can you play on the iphone/ipad with other online? If so, YES! I totally want to. If not, do you have the board game? Cuz, I am totally down for breaking it out, too! I hear that Katie is pretty good, too. Maybe we shouldn't leave her out...

  2. Definitely brag worthy! Especially your undressing skills/time...years of practice. Ever since Saturday night I can't stop telling Ethan how sexy you are and how jealous I am of you....KC is one lucky man!

    1. Oh dear. Wow. That's a huge compliment, Brooke. Considering I've been jealous of you since you nabbed Jason back in high school. You are quite smokin' yourself! You were then and you are now. Plus, I couldn't ever pull off a baby bump like you are. So cute... Really... Proud to be your friend. Let's not let the baby get in the way of that ;) Babysitter (not me...someone you pay).

  3. Woo Hoo Gen!!! That's awesome! I'm SOoo proud of you! You are seriously my biggest inspiration right now! Keep it up girl-you are a rock star!!!!