August 21, 2012

All Summer Long

[Kid Rock]

Michigan was playing the University of Utah in football the fall of KC's 1st semester of law school. As we were walking into our new apartment we passed a fellow 1L in the hallway. KC relayed to me that he had said something to this student, Steve (a Michigan grad), about the imminent standoff. The story concluded with, "I don't think he was interested in talking to me."

I had to laugh as I sat in Steve's apartment in Michigan this past week hearing Kase and him breakdown the upcoming season and then plan out a future trip to see the two school's battle out another game.

I can't recall how they got past the first conversation. I guess guys just do. But, whatever happened, I am glad it did. I love these boys. I feel we've got a 2 guys and girl and pizza shop thing going on, without the pizza shop. Though we did eat some delicious pizza (and bread nuggs). That can count.
Kase, Me, and Steve
Whale watching in Boston, Sept. 2009
Though the period during law school typically result in just the 3 of us travelling around, this trip was upgraded with the addition of Steve's girlfriend Adanna. We had briefly spent time with her on a few occasions during the last year of law school, but it was fun to get to know her better.

Steve, Adanna, Me, and Kase
WNEC Law School Graduation, May 2011
The 4 of us toured Northern Michigan over the past 5 days. And honestly, I am 99% sure I've broken my record for laughter in a week. I couldn't stop giggling. We had so much fun. Michigan was beautiful and a great place to vacation, but honestly it was the people I was with that REALLY made this vacation. I am confident that us 4 could have had this much fun in Antarctica. Are their penguins there? Cuz, we might lose Kase and Steve on that trip. Maybe we should avoid vacations with lovable animals.

Pictures are better than words. So I am just go that route. Plus, most of the stories that occurred were under the idiom "you had to be there."


View from the end of Old Mission Peninsula
Me and Adanna at Old Mission State Park
Chateau on Old Mission Peninsula
Levi Britton performing in Traverse City

Bay @ Lake Michigan
Sophie, Steve, and Kase (L to R)

River into Michigan Lake
Natural Slide
Commuter River into downtown Traverse City
Dinner and dessert at Red Ginger
(Where Adanna works. Amazing food.)
Trigger Boxing Gym
Home to Adanna's family's business.
Adanna was Ntl. Boxing Champ for her weight class at 16 yrs. old.
Mohammed Ali signed boxing glove. 
Nerdy picture of me boxing Steve.
(Yes, I am in a dress. Haha.) 
It was rainy, so while KC and Steve hung out at the apartment
I went for a 9 mile run along a trail near Steve's apartment. 
Smaller lake along the running path
The path eventually took me out to the Bay @ Lake Michigan
I took advantage of this peaceful rain and sat in silence there for 15-20 min.

Glen Lake
Kase and I
Lake Michigan Overlook @ Sleeping Bear Dunes
This doesn't do it justice. Believe me.
Kase and I
Steve blocking the wind for me.
And the jumping photos start... 
The decent...with more jumping... 
...and some from Steve...
But, most from Kase.
At the bottom of the dunes.
Kase goofing around.
Kase and I
Throwing in a duck face...
Steve, Kase, and I
Steve and I swimming.
Then we had to climb back up...
It took us 17 minutes. (Kase took 34 min.)
1 step forward, 8 inches sliding back, repeat...
My calves were on FIRE by the time we reached the top.
Cute fishing town in Leland, MI
We browsed the docks. 
And saw this really cool old steamer...
I ran a 5k Trail Run
Then went and laid at the beach with Adanna for a couple hours.
Meanwhile...the boys went golfing.
Between all these events we ate, ate, and ate more. Then sat around chatted, watched Newsroom and Breaking Bad, and got lots of sleep.

It was a super relaxing, fun time. I loved Michigan. Can't wait to go back. Thank you, again, Steve and Adanna for inviting us! Love you both!


  1. Gorgeous photos Vieve! I had NO idea Michigan was so beautiful! It looked like a ton o fun!

  2. Wow Michigan is GORGEOUS!!! Looks like you guys had a great time. And can I say you are looking mighty sexy in those pics!! ;)