January 02, 2013

I Dreamed a Dream

[Les Miserables Soundtrack]

Yikes! I just wiped out the mileage for 2012 on the right sidebar...[gulp]. I've been watching those numbers build and build over the year. It's weird to start back at zero.

Still, somehow, it's exciting.

I am really pumped to see what I can do this year. I usually surprise myself. Even when I set goals that are difficult, but obtainable. So this year, I am setting goals just beyond the feeling of difficult, but obtainable. I'm shooting for difficult...I can't do that!...but what if I did that?...I probably, might, could?...it's obtainable for someone, why not me?

My "What the Hell" goals

  • Qualify for the Boston Marathon
  • Get certified as a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
  • Have $$$$$$$ in savings on Dec 31 (I have a set number I want to have)
  • Place in my age division at Spudman
  • Finish 30 credit hours

And since I continually doubt myself, I also have some realistic, but still difficult [for me] goals. [So that when I fail at the above I don't feel like a complete loser.]

  • Write 175 blog posts
  • Run 1000 miles 
  • Go to bed every night with the Kitchen sink emptied and cleaned
  • Save for and purchase a trip to Europe for 2014
  • Accomplish 52 jobs around the house (small jobs like hanging pictures, replacing light switches, mounting the tv, etc, etc)
  • Fit into a size # jean (Just 1 more size down...don't freak. It's always been my ideal.)
  • No purchased sweets for a year (Candy bars, bakery goods, etc...if I am going to eat it, me or someone I personally know has to make it at home.)
  • Remodel our master bathroom

Let's get started...(yesterday)

What are your resolutions for 2013?

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  1. Great goals.....you will totally achieve them :)