February 16, 2013

Do a Little Dance

[KC and the Sunshine Band]

Ladies and Gents, I finally ran a half-marathon distance under 1 hour and 45 minutes!

Did you see my last post? That means in 2 weeks time I improved by a whole 4 minutes and 27 seconds. 


And don't forget to check the small print on that image.... 15 miles under 2 hours. [I am doing a dance right now...but only because I took a 2 hour nap. That kinda wiped me out.]

I can't even tell you how much I struggled to get to the gym since my last post. That 13 miler was extremely disconcerting. But, I went to the gym (most of the time), and look at the payoff. 

You are always one (or a couple) runs away from a good run. Be persistent with your goals. They can't always be painful or always incredible. It's gonna be a rollercoaster. Like some things in life...it's inevitable.

I just hope this means I am out of the rut for a little while. Bring on the fun...

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