March 02, 2013

The Jump Off

[Lil Kim]

Forest Park
The last time I had a 17 mile training run I was in Massachusetts. I ran loops around Forest Park.

I can't decide if running 17 miles for the first time was easier or harder than running 17 miles for a second time.

Does the excitement of accomplishing something new make it easier? Or knowing that I've done it once before make it easier?


Does breaking through a new barrier make it harder? Or does boredom during something repetitive make it harder?

I don't know.

Either way it was in ways easier than expected and also still really hard. Both time.

17 miles for me is the "Jump Off" to marathon training. It's the first distance that really does some crazy things to your body and mind. I forget how exhausted you can get. Man o man.

Thank goodness for spring weather. It's amazing what a motivator that can be. Especially when the first 10 miles are nearly all uphill.

In the end, there weren't any PRs broken today, but it was good run today. 2 hours 22 minutes = 17 miles.

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  1. You are such a freaking rockstar! I can't even imagine running for 2+ hours. It's honestly hard for me to even wrap my brain around. Maybe someday. :)
    Keep it up Gen-you inspire me SO much!