May 12, 2013


[Mandy Moore]

Well, my 1 week off from school was nice. Not relaxing at all, but nonetheless nice.

  • I started a garden.
  • Cleaned the house.
  • Heard Michael Pollan speak.
  • Swam.
  • Biked.
  • Yoga-ed (?).
  • Worked.
  • Read [business book -- FUN! Hah].
  • Started learning HTML from the scratch. [No more hacking templates! -- taking a class at work.]
  • Planned out my triathlon and Ragnar training.
  • Participated in the Race for the Cure [more to come on this].

But now back to school...

I loved my first semester in the ESS program. But, I've decided taking 13 credits (4 classes) was too much to ask of myself while I am working full time. So, I am looking forward to having only 2 classes (7 credits), and both online, for the summer. They are also classes I am  extremely interested in the material: Weight Management and Advanced Nutrition (learning about the science and chemistry of food!).

In addition to summer school, I am signed up for the NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine) 9-week course, starting May 28th. No turning back now... paid for my CPT test and have to take it in the next 180 days. If all goes well, I'll be certified this fall!

(So, I guess it's kinda like I am in school full-time, between the classes at the University and NASM...hmm...)

Oh. well.

Bring it on...

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