May 15, 2013



Saturday the fam-damn-ily met up at Library Square in downtown Salt Lake City for the annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Our aunt, Big Vic (my mom's brother's wife), passed away from breast cancer. So each year we run/walk the race in her memory.

This year, my cousin, Becky, took a part of her with us -- well, she took her shoes with us. These ===========>
were Big Vic's running shoes. How cool is that?! My cousin, Becky, is the sweetest. You'd love her. This was totally something she'd think of doing. Just so neat.

I was experiencing some issues with pain in my upper quad. That along with Krick being preggers and  my family usually walking the race while Krick and I run it, I figured it would be both SMART and FUN to just walk out the race.

<========So we got these two, little Vic, Becky, my mom, Krick, Randy, myself, KC, and SHOCKER....Kelsy....who was surprisingly awake...out to the starting line.

Walking was a MUCH different experience than running the Race for the Cure. It took us about an hour to walk 3.1 miles. It was a leisure stroll. But, it was good. We chatted the entire way. Randy and I had a good discussion about gardening. Enough that it empowered me to go straight home that afternoon and put in my own garden -- which I had been slacking on.

In addition to having a nice morning stroll, my quad was feeling much better after walking it out for the 5k distance.

[Although, I should say, I ran out the last tenth of a mile with Scratch and Lil' Dot. You think I wouldn't run anything? Ha! But the kiddos were hilarious. Lil' Dot ran sideways the entire time and then proclaimed after we crossed, "That was HARD!" Considering she ran sideways and in platform heels....ya! But she's got a training up on the competition for the High Heel-a-Thon in NYC :) Meanwhile, Scratch just coughed out his asthma. I love those two.]

All in all, it was a good, fun event. Although, we decided it's probably our last Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. We are going to find a different charity to support in my Aunt's honor. The Race for the Cure has just become so gimmicky. It's not the same experience it once was.

However, before skipping out, we did get these great photos:

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  1. Fun! I love that your family does this. It's really an amazing thing.